Marine Antenna Shakespeare 390 Antenna ground???

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by AA1ZP, Nov 27, 2021.

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  1. AA1ZP

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    Ok, so I have this antenna. There is no PL-239 connector. It has what is called a terminating band.

    So, I guess the center conductor of my Co-ax cable will attach to that. My question is how do I attach the ground of the co-ax to this antenna.

    The antenna mount that is recommended is a 410-R which is insulated from ground.
  2. W4HRL

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    Greetings Stu -

    I thought someone would be along after a while to answer this...but it seems that no one has arrived yet.

    Here's the (very) little I know about Shakespeare SSB antennas with a terminating band connection. As you noted, there is no real ground connection when you use them as a marine antenna. Looks like they are designed to be used with an ATU (antenna tuner unit) where the ATU has a PL-259 / SO-239 connection where the coax screws in. And then the ATU feeds the antenna via a single wire, connecting to the terminating band connection.

    Imagine a tuner like the Icom AH-4 used with a long wire. The SSB antenna becomes the "rigid", vertical wire.

    Mike in Poquoson VA
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  3. WL7PM

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    The antenna is just a long vertical " Whip", ie a semirigid, self supporting vertical.
    Not a particularly effective antenna without the OCEAN just below it.... You'll need some radials, and what is called an " Antenna Coupler" in the marine electronics world.
  4. AA1ZP

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  5. AA1ZP

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    Thank you. I figured it out. It just threw me off for a few minutes. My old brain isn't as sharp as it once was. Thanks again. Stew
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  6. KC4YDY

    KC4YDY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Glad you figured it out, Stew... I was going to answer you that I am using a Shakesphere marine SSB antenna on the metal roof of my house. Used a standard marine antenna mount and made up some guy lines out of 550 cord. Used an SGC tuner and it worked great until the first rain. Then I found the issues with my metal roof! I ended up running 20 radials out across the roof and that antenna has rocked! Good luck with it!

    73 de Paul, KC4YDY
  7. AA1ZP

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    Thanks Paul,

    I appreciate your help. My antenna is working very well and I am happy with it.

    73 de Stew, AA1ZP
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