Managing CW DX pileups

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by VK2WP, Aug 25, 2015.

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  1. VK2WP

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    Quite so, its a bit of a scramble to set split up when a dogpile suddenly appears on your calling frequency and you are not prepared !

    I mean when furiously scribbling calls down and trying to reply is not the time to start punching buttons and twiddling knobs.
  2. N4UP

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    Very helpful, thank you.

    A couple of times I have operated special events ( W1AW/4 last October and N4P just this last week ) and I had to deal with to-me-massive pileups. The W1AW/4 pileups were more challenging and I went split rather quickly, but with N4P I didn't usually feel the need to work split, though perhaps in retrospect that was a mistake.

    I did establish a rhythm and avoided interrupters, and almost everyone calling respected that.

    However, I encountered two problems. One was that in working split it took more time, tuning about, to find someone clear/strong enough to copy, and the callers would grow restless, i.e., the longer I waited the more restless they became, so it seemed best to not wait so long before transmitting again. The other problem, probably universal, is that with many strong signals at once, they seem to cancel each other out, so they are all faint and very hard to copy. If I could, I would call for partials and most of the time that worked very well.

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