Make my own DMR APRS igate? What's needed...

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KD2QQF, Aug 12, 2019.

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  1. KD2QQF

    KD2QQF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Recently got a Anytone AT-d868uv. It's capable of DMR APRS, but not analog APRS. Was trying to get APRS setup with no luck. Made some inquiries and the local APRS repeaters/igates are analog only.

    The only options I can come up with are either to buy yet another radio(not likely as I just broke the bank on the Anytone, Do some firmware hacking(hardware is the same between 868 and 878, but 878 had analog APRS capability, but I'd rather not attempt my first firmware hack on my most expensive radio), or to build my own DMR APRS hotspot/igate.

    Not having any luck finding much as to to to go about doing such. I've got several Raspberry Pi 2's floating around(may need 3's for the built in WiFi) and also some SDR dongles as well. Seems like It shouldn't take much more than that since with that I can recieve a signal(not sure how to receive DMR but seems like it shouldn't be too hard) and communicate with the internet but I have no idea how to go about doing such. I am finding absolutely nothing about DMR APRS at all.

    Also what are the limits on DMR APRS to analog APRS? Got a GE MVS for sale locally(and a couple duplexers). Possible to recieve on DMR(simplex and output on analog(as the local network is analog)? Willin gto buy another DMR radio as a reciever(cheapest I can find of course)
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