MacBook Pro Soundcard w/Digital Modes?

Discussion in 'OS: Mac OS' started by K4EI, Jul 31, 2017.

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  1. K4EI

    K4EI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Am trying to get FT-8 working via my Kenwood TS-590SG, with a USB connection to my mid-2015 MacBook Pro. I've got WSJTX configured so CAT control works fine and the Test PTT button under the 'Radio' tab in preferences will reliably key the radio (the radio relay audibly trips and the red light on the front panel of the radio illuminates).

    When I exit the preferences menu and try and operate with FT-8, however, it does not appear I'm actually generating a transmit signal (notwithstanding that the red light on the radio says that it is). My LP-100A watt meter inline to my antenna does not trigger and there is no response via either search and pounce or CQ'ing.

    I'm guessing I've got a soundcard issue. I've gone through the couple options in Apple's Audio Midi Setup utility and don't see anything there amiss. I can hear the tones being generated by WSJTX, so presume it's not an application issue.

    Wondering if perhaps it's something within MacOS (I'm running Sierra, 10.12), I pulled out an older 13" MacBook Air running bootcamp w/Windows 7, downloaded the PC version of WSJTX, and tried that. Same results... I can key the radio just fine, but with no apparent outgoing signal.

    Receive within WSJTX is fine... I can see signals across the selected band, both in the waterfall and within the program's main screen.

    Any thoughts?
  2. EA3HOE

    EA3HOE Ham Member QRZ Page

    USB/ACC2 selection menu correct? Menu 63 on the S. On the SG i don't know.
  3. K4EI

    K4EI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Aye, good thought, Ton. That's Menu 69 on the SG. I had already changed that (from default of 'ACC' to 'USB'). Alas, no love.

    The only other radio option that seems remotely related was Menu 70 (Source of PTT Send, with options for 'Front' or 'Rear.' I've got that on 'Front.'
  4. K4EI

    K4EI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Okay, answering my own question, after a bit more playing around...

    My concern about there being a Mac-specific sound card issue that was preventing WSJTX from working was unfounded. Here are the settings I found to work, in the event they're helpful to anyone else:

    Inside WSJTX Preferences:
    Radio CAT Control Tab:
    • Serial Port: /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART (same driver previously loaded for MacLoggerDX)
    • Baud Rate: 115200 (does not have to be this; but whatever you choose must match radio)
    • Data Bits: 8
    • Stop Bits: 1
    • Handshake: Hardware
    • PTT Method: VOX
    • Transmit Audio Source: Front/Mic (checking 'VOX' under PTT Method actually grays-out this selection)
    • Mode: USB
    • Split Operation: None
    • Force Control Lines
      • DTR: <blank>
      • RTS: <blank>
    Audio Tab:
    • Input: Built-in Microphone - Mono
    • Output: USB Audio Codec - Both

    Menu Changes In Radio:
    • Menu 69 (Line Selection For Data Communications): USB
    • Menu 70 (Source Of Send/PTT Transmission): Front
    • Menu 76 (VOX Operation With Data Input): On

    Changes in MacBook Pro:
    Important... make sure your computer is connected to your radio before performing this step. Your computer will not display your two 'USB Audio CODEC' selections until/unless it detects the live USB connection.

    Using the Audio Midi Setup Utility (found under Applications/Other, not under the usual System Preferences):
    • click 'Window/Show Audio Devices'
    • You should see four selections in the left-side panel...
      • Built-in Microphone
      • Built-in Output
      • USB Audio CODEC
      • USB Audio CODEC
    • Note that Built-in Microphone and one of the USB Audio CODEC selections are locked to Input on the right-side panel; Built-in Output and the other USB Audio CODEC selection are locked to Output. The relevant ones are Built-in Microphone and the USB Audio CODEC selection that is locked to Output. The objective is to make both of these match what you set under the Audio tab of WSJTX.
    • Highlight Built-in Microphone in the left-side panel.
      • Format: 2 ch 16-bit integer 48.0 kHz
      • Verify this is the device controlling input by clicking on the wheel in the lower left of the left-side panel
    • Highlight the USB Audio CODEC selection that is locked to Output.
      • Format: 2 ch 16-bit integer 48.0 kHz
      • Verify this is the device controlling output by clicking on wheel in the lower left of the left-side panel.
  5. WV8A

    WV8A Ham Member QRZ Page

    Curious why you select "built in microphone" and not USB Audio CODEC as the input? That implies to me you're simply picking up speaker audio on the MacBook Pro's mic as the audio feed to WSJTX, and not the direct digital audio feed from the radio or sound card. WSJTX audio pref should be USB Audio CODEC (mono) both for its input and its output.
    If you say you can hear the tones, if that's on the Mac's speaker, then the tones aren't getting to the rig.
    When I get my MBPro back in a couple of days I'll put up a screenshot of my working settings. FT897/SignalinkUSB.


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