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Loyalist City Amateur Radio Club 75th Anniversary

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Clubs' started by VE9SY, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. VE9SY

    VE9SY Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Loyalist City Amateur radio club (VE9LC) is celebrating it's 75th anniversary this month.

    On February the 18th it will be exactly 75 years since a local group of amateurs got together and started the club. One member of the club Malcom Redding VE1IZ is still with us. Although not active at this time, he is a life member of the club, and has been active in the club since it's inception.

    The club has obtained the special call CK975LC that will be active from March 1st until the 30th. It will be used by various members on most bands and modes through out the month.. Be sure to listen for us!

    Here is a brief history of the club.

    On February 18th, 1937, Fred White VE1FL; Harry Fowlie VE1GQ; Doug Fowlie VE1GI; John Dibbee VE1IF and Ken Melvin VE1BF organized a meeting of local radio amateurs with a view to organizing a club. In addition the following amateurs attended the first meeting:
    C. Brannen
    C. McWilliams VE1JN
    Les Codner, VE1GP
    A. Power VE1CM
    G. Coffin
    Malcolm Redding, VE1IZ
    Murray Doull, VE1EE
    Art Ruthen, VE1HL
    Vernon Mills VE1EJ
    William H. Smith VE1FC

    Fred White chaired the meeting and it was agreed “that the formation of such a club was paramount to the advancement and protection of amateur activities in this district, and that such a club should be formed without delay”.

    The following slate of officers was elected:
    Art Ruthen VE1HL
    Vice President:
    Les Codner VE1GP
    Harry Fowler VE1GQ
    Fred White VE1FL
    Press Rep
    Murray Doull VE1EE

    Additional: Executive: Kenneth Melvin VE1BF; John Dibblee VE1IF

    A club constitution was drawn up and subsequently approved by the members at the General Meeting on March 18, 1937. The constitution was amended in February 1940 and again in June 1946.

    The club grew to 30 members and in Sept 1938 sponsored the 1938 Maritime Amateur Radio Convention and Amateur Radio demonstration at the Saint John Exhibition Sept. 3-10th, with participation of amateurs from all over the Maritimes, Quebec and the USA.

    Club records for the World War II years indicated a consistent group of amateurs in the club, all be it without being able to operate their stations due to the restrictions placed on amateurs because of the war. Following the war many new names appeared in the club records and activity increased as new amateurs were licensed and the older ham were permitted back on the air.

    Records indicate that the Club was affiliated with ARRL in the early years and in latter years with Radio Amateurs of Canada, Canada’s National Organization. Was a member of the NBARA and many club members were on the executive of NBARA over the years. The Rover Scouts, VE1RS, were a member of LCARC in 1938.

    1947 saw LCARC produce its first club bulletin. In later years the bulletin was called “The Wavetrap” of which we have some samples with lots of great stories.

    1948 had LCARC members participating in their first Field Day exercises with some 20 operators, and again in 1950 at Mispec. There is a collection of FD pictures on display.

    In 1962 LCARC celebrated its Silver Jubilee with a banquet attended by many visitors from the Maritimes. The local newspaper carried a picture of Charter Certificates being presented to three founding members of LCARC; Murray Doull, William Smith and Malcolm Redding. In that year LCARC had its first Repeater, which was AM, with the call sign VE1TWO.

    The 35th anniversary of the clubs formation was celebrated in 1972 with a special event Call Sign VA1LC.

    In May of 1983 LCARC became Incorporated with Del Cosman as President. A general meeting was held of the membership on May 10th, 1983 at Morris Street, West Saint John.

    In 1986 the Seniors Group was formed and the group met regularly to discuss old times and socialize.

    May 21, 1987 saw the club members celebrate the Club’s Golden Anniversary with a banquet at Thistle-St. Andrews Curling Club. From all reports it was well attended and deemed a success. In addition the club held a public display of amateur radio at McAllister Mall for 3 days, held Field Day at Dominion Park, a more public location, than in the past. A special QSL card was designed for the anniversary. On invitation from the Rothesay Elementary School, the club was invited to set-up an amateur radio display for their “Family Fun Day” on Oct 17th. Some older equipment as well as more modern equipment was displayed and a station was set-up to demonstrate contacts with other amateurs.

    Although there are gaps in the club records, LCARC appeared to go through many growth periods, followed by some lean years. From the records the members always demonstrated the spirit of amateur radio with experimenting, building gear, Field Day activity and continued participation with Civil Defense and Community Service. Many of the same issues that we deal with today in the club were present in the past. Technology has come a long way but some old issues never seem to change.

    Art S.R. Ruthen VE1HL
    Vernon Mills VE1EJ
    Les Codner VE1GP
    Adreine Morin VE1FK
    Harry C. Fowlie VE1GQ
    William Priddle VE1IC
    Fred White, Jr. VE1FL
    A. Power VE1CM
    Kenneth Melvin VE1BF
    Harley Richardson VE1IE
    C. McWilliams VE1JN
    Arthur Ross, Sr
    W. G. Andrews VE1LI
    Arthur Ross, Jr
    Iris Chittick VE1AYL
    Walter Ryan VE1BM
    Hubert Crossley VE1LB
    Malcolm Redding VE1IZ
    Philip Dacey
    Frank E. Shaw VE1LS
    John Dibblee VE1IF
    Norman Smith VE1DE
    Murray Doull VE1EE
    William Smith VE1FC
    Ray Forrestell VE1ML
    B.L. Trohon
    Douglas Fowlie
    George Wells
    A.A. Turnbull Honorary
    W.H. Golding Honorary

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