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LOTW- Renew or not

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W4IOA, Jan 10, 2019.

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  1. W4IOA

    W4IOA Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's time to renew my lotw, having a hard time convincing myself to go through the process.
    Is this normal?
  2. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Administrator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    If you see value in LoTW, renew. If you don't see value in LoTW, don't renew

    Pretty simple :)

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  3. W4IOA

    W4IOA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Value is a hard to define idea.
    Part of me wants to say bag it because of the silly idea of having to renew every three years. I know it doesn't take an AE license and mustache to figure the procedure, it's just seems to force one into hoop jumping for no good reason beyond the answer "because".
  4. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member QRZ Page

    What process?

    Request a new certificate. Receive it in email, usually within 24-48 hours. Download attachment. Upload it. Activate it.

    Can all be done in less time (outside of waiting for the new cert to be emailed) than it took me to type all this.

    Sheesh. Do we really need to make a mountain out of this molehill?

    Sometimes I think some people just look for a reason to — WINLINK!! — argue, just like a dog being distracted by — SQUIRREL! — a squirrel.
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  5. N6PAT

    N6PAT Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    No. It is not normal. I suggest therapy. Good luck with that.
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  6. W0IS

    W0IS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Don't worry--there's no postcard involved this time around. I forget the exact procedure, which is slightly more complicated than necessary, but it's pretty easy.
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  7. VK4HAT

    VK4HAT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It is way more complected than it need be, you would think we are dealing with cryptocurrency not qsl confirmations. But it is the crazy system we have and we all have to deal with it. Eventually this hobby will move into the 21st century. But that time is not now.
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  8. N2EY

    N2EY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    It's easy - even I know how to do it.
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  9. K7TRF

    K7TRF Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Renewal is easy, I just did it last week. All you really need is a new TQSL certificate and all you do is request one, they send it via email, you save the attachment, open TQSL and upload the new certificate.

    It's much easier than the process you went through originally.
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  10. US7IGN

    US7IGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't renew my lotw. Complex process, and all this electronic crap is not interesting for me. I prefer paper cards.
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