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LoTW question

Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by KF4DV, Mar 12, 2020.

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  1. KF4DV

    KF4DV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello all! I am getting back into Ham Radio after a 10 year absence. I have been a Ham since 1993 and have just gotten my LoTW account setup and have uploaded some QSO's. My question is, I have physical QSL cards for contacts that are not being confirmed in LoTW. Either because they are old, predating the LoTW, or the other operator just hasn't uploaded them. How do I show credit for DXCC and WAS contacts that I can prove I have confirmed with a QSL card, that the system doesn't show confirmed?
  2. WE4B

    WE4B Ham Member QRZ Page

    Get a card checker to check them at a hamfest or similar event.
  3. K7GQ

    K7GQ Subscriber QRZ Page

    As an alternative to visiting a QSL card checker, ARRL has a specific online entry form for you to hand-enter QSL cards, which afterwards are sent to the ARRL for verification. This occurs thriough the DXCC gateway but don't let that put you off if you don't chase DX. The whole point of this is to receive and verify hand-entered QSO data. Start here:

    I have used this in earlier years to obtain proper DXCC credit for old QSOs.
  4. K7GQ

    K7GQ Subscriber QRZ Page

    You could also hand-enter them in your log program, then upload that to LoTW. Any LoTW matches could be removed from the further verification process.
  5. KF4DV

    KF4DV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the info guys. I've entered 75 of my old contacts into LoTW already and have only gotten 4 confirmed. That's why I asked my original question. Many of my QSO's are from the 90's when I was first licensed and predate LoTW.
  6. WW2PT

    WW2PT Ham Member QRZ Page

    K7GQ has it right. The link he posted will let you know everything you need to do. Once the paperwork is submitted and the cards are checked, those QSOs will show up in your LOTW account and can be applied to DXCC or WAS or whichever award.

    Welcome back! :D
  7. KF4DV

    KF4DV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Regarding DXCC and WAS awards. I changed call signs back in 2006. Most of the old QSO's are under my old call, N8ZMM. Will QSO's from both my old and new calls count together for DXCC and WAS? Or do you have to confirm 100 countries and 50 states under each call individually to earn the award?
  8. KF5KWO

    KF5KWO Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I’ve just started inputting my logs from 2003-2009 into N3FJP for uploading to LotW. Gotta have something to do now that the apocalypse is night.
  9. KP4SX

    KP4SX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Assuming you remained at the same QTH then the two can be combined.
  10. N2EY

    N2EY Ham Member QRZ Page

    For DXCC, all QSOs made from the same DXCC entity by the same operator can be combined for the award. Various callsigns can be combined. Note that the DXCC entity "United States of America" is the 48 CONUS states. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and other US territories and possessions are their own DXCC entities.

    For WAS, all QSOs made from locations no two of which are more than 50 miles apart by the same operator can be combined for the award. Various callsigns can be combined.

    Does that make sense?

    73 es GL de Jim, N2EY

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