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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by VE3MPH, May 12, 2017.

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  1. VE3MPH

    VE3MPH Ham Member QRZ Page

    All these items can be brought down to Hamvention in Ohio for next week or can be shipped out at your cost.

    Up for sale is a nice Alinco DJ-V5 2/440 HT this radio is in nice shape. This radio works good and has good audio out of it.
    The radio also has wideband RX and does the AM air band.
    The radio has not had any mods done to it as it will not TX out side of the ham bands. I don't know who old the battery is as I bould it at a swap but the battery is a 9.6v 1450mAh battery. I know when it's on high power it eats the battery fast so I have run it on low power as I don't need alot of power to get into the repeaters around me.
    You will get the radio battery ant and charger sorry no manual but you can find it online free to download. Price $125 + $15 for shipping or can bring to Hamvention.

    For sale is a nice Kenwood TM-742A 2 meter 440 and 6 meter radio.This radio is in extremely nice condition and works as it should it also has the ctcss board in it. The only problem with the radio is that one of the lights on the right side of the display is out.I can supply pictures of this radio and I will post one later on. Price for the radio is $625 + shipping or can bring to Hamvention.

    (I also have some other modules for sale like one 10meter not tested I do not have the stuff to test them) 3 or 4 extra two meter modules that have been tested and 2 or 3 extra 440 modules.
    Extra modules pricing 10m $175 + $10 shipping these items are sold AS IS NOT TESTED.
    The 2 and 440 modules have been tested and are working with full output.
    2M $135 + $10 shipping each
    440 $125 + $10 shipping each.

    I have a BIRD Electronic Corp IM-89/UR Wattmeter for sale this is left over suff from a estate sale that I dealt with. The meter does show some signs of use from the paint coming off I can send pictures of the meter if you want.
    Price $100 + actual shipping.

    I have a Kenwood SP-520 speaker for sale this speaker is in very good shape the only thing wrong with it is the previous owner engraved some numbers into the side of it but is hurley noticeable.
    I got the speaker when I bought the Kenwood 520 lineup from a fellow ham and I have sold all the other pieces but this.
    I can supply pictures of the speaker and the numbers that are on it if you like.
    Price is $75 + shipping.

    For sale is a nice icom ic-2100 2m mobile radio.
    This radio works real good and looks nice to.
    It is missing a 1 screw on the bottom of the radio.
    The radio from what I can tell is doing full out put as I only have a 50w slug for my bird meter and it puts the needle into the corner of the meter.I don't have a power cord or a manual or a mobile bracket or the original box as I didn't get one when I bough it but it does have the DTMF mic with it.
    If you would like pics I can send you pic's of the radio in TX mode with the pic of the bird meter.
    Price is $110 + shipping.

    I have 2 of these
    Radio shack HTX-420 dual band handheld. These are getting hard to come-by. One has the original antenna and the other one does not have a antenna for it.
    Radio 1 looks almost new and it has a belt clip, hand strap, battery shell for AA alkaline batteries and radio shack 7.2v 1200m/AH Li-Ion battery pack that has the plug built in with LED indicator (red charging) (green finished) hold a good charge and has the original antenna. I didn't get a charger with these radios so I had to make one that will go with radio 1 and the person that gets radio 2 will have to make one like I did. cig. lighter adapter to charge battery. $120 + shipping.
    Radio 2 no antenna no belt clip no hand strap and does show use and has some paint missing on it and is missing the original top knob but does have one on it. It comes with battery shell for AA alkaline batteries and radio shack 7.2v 1200m/AH Li-Ion battery pack that has the plug built in with LED indicator (red charging) (green finished) hold a good charge.
    $90 + shipping.

    20170511_234232.jpg 20170511_233808.jpg 20170511_233728.jpg 20170511_233657.jpg 20170511_233434.jpg 20170511_233402.jpg 20170511_233307.jpg
  2. KD7JOC

    KD7JOC Ham Member QRZ Page

    $90 each or for the pair of Radio Shack HT's? Thanks
  3. VE3MPH

    VE3MPH Ham Member QRZ Page

    HI 1 of them in 90 and the other one is $120 bit I can let the both of them go for $140 shipped
  4. QRZ
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