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LoRa mode

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KK6YAE, May 16, 2020.

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  1. KK6YAE

    KK6YAE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Been using a hamshield LoRa edition and LoRaChat software loaded on an arduino uno to play around with this mode, and it's pretty awesome.

    The board does around 1 watt output on 440 mhz. Using the max spread factor (12) and smallest bandwidth, I have been able to TX/RX (with a pass band filter) at -138 dbm with a SN ratio of -14. This is all displayed by the software with each RX'd msg.

    I recently hooked up a cheapo DMR amp to get that 1 watt up to 10-15 watts or so...

    Just wondering if anyone else is playing around with it? I sent msgs from my house to myself roaming around town. At 1 watt output, I could TX/RX around 10 miles as the crow flies. Keep in mind this was in downtown San Diego to another surrounding county, so the RF had to travel through skyscrapers, freeways, homes, trees, etc... and it still made it there, and the roaming station rcvd the reply.

    My test setup consisted of the board/arduino and a laptop, connected directly to a laptop, and a mono band N9TAX antenna cut for 446 mhz. (about 8" long), held up over my vehicle with my hand. Home side had the board connected to a home made folded dipole for 70cm mounted around 500' above sea level, on my mast, fed with 1/2" hardline into a passband filter, then the board. (I was roaming at sea level near the San Diego cruise ship terminal.)

    The neat thing about this mode, is it doesn't require a SSB capable transceiver. I know there is a company getting ready to launch a fleet of satellites to pick up LoRa from IoT devices and relay the data to internet connected ground stations. If the software was edited to include a repeater store/forward type option, one of these could be placed on a hill top without any need for electrical power. A single solar panel would keep it running indefinitely. Seems like a very handy way to pass short text msgs from location to location without the need for any real infrastructure like most repeaters depend upon. LoRa can also be converted to TCP/IP and passed over the internet, or local networks, providing a whole host of options if someone with the programming knowledge were to make it happen.

    Anyone heard of it? Done anything with it? HamRadio 2.0 on youtube had a good segment on the device...

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