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looking for slow cw

Discussion in 'SKED - QSO Scheduling' started by KD8EPC, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. KD8EPC

    KD8EPC Ham Member QRZ Page

    hello fellow hams i am learning cw and would like to make a qso with someone who can receive and send slow cw with me on 160,80 or 10 meters? let me know if you are interested my email is chong199 at or just reply to qrz thanks and 73,

    Dustin KD8EPC
  2. W4INF

    W4INF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dustin, 40m will be your best bet during the day and some nights. 80m will be primarily for night.

    Try Chuck Adam's CW course, you wont be sorry!!

    Hope to work you soon,
  3. KD8EPC

    KD8EPC Ham Member QRZ Page

    thanks for the link im downloading it now.
  4. W0EA

    W0EA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dustin, I'm always available to help with some CW, and once I get my straight key (should be any day now) I'll be able to go REALLY slow :D Just let me know when and where and I can get ya, I basically have a super robust connection to Ohio somehow. You know where to find me!
  5. WD4DC

    WD4DC Ham Member QRZ Page


    I'd be happy to do some cw slow with you. I've only ever gotten myself up to about 10wpm, so that's right up my alley. If you're not slammed with replies, shoot me off an email and we'll set up a sked. Might be sort of difficult on those bands between 8 land and Florida, but I could try 80 or 10...can't do 160.
  6. WR5AW

    WR5AW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think I'm ready to bite the bullet and try some on-air cw. Best copy seems to be about 10wpm. The old brain just ain't catchin up so far. Crawl before walk I suppose.

    But hey, I find myself hooked on this stuff. Gotta have it. Anybody interested in some slow stuff email me at mycall (wr5aw) at sbcglobal dot net or post back with a time and freq. I'm pretty flexible.
  7. W6ONV

    W6ONV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm at that stage of learning as well, going through K7QO's CW program right now, but do know the letters, numbers and pro-signs. As I have been told in previous thread, I just need to get on air and start making contacts. But I would be willing to attempt some CW with another QRZ member. It would probably be painfully slow, but nonetheless I think I could get through it.
  8. KE5KFP

    KE5KFP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am also at the same point in my cw study. Unfortunatly I only have 10m capability at the moment and 10m openings are sporadic at best right now. As soon as I improve my antenna situation I will listen for your call sign. Does anyone know of a slow speed net anywhere? If not maybe its time to start one.
  9. W6ONV

    W6ONV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll go wherever I can get a CW signal, 10m would be fine. As for the slow speed nets, here was a search on Google for 'Slow speed CW net'.
  10. WU3U

    WU3U Guest

    Be happy to help

    Let me know - I would be happy to have a slow speed CW QSO with you.

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