Looking for bench top drillpress recommendations

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by KATHYTORRES, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Hey guys,

    I’m looking to buy a new tabletop drill press. I have about $250 to spend. I am looking at the table top models because by garage is small and space is at a premium. I mainly will be using this for woodworking projects, but may occasionally need to use it for light duty metal work or various household projects. I would like to buy the best quality tool that I can, as I hate tools that don’t work well, are difficult to use, have poorly laid out controls, etc… But, my biggest turnoff for shop tools are ones that are inaccurate. I want a tool that, in this case, will let me bore straight and true holes, and let me create mortise & tenon joints, etc

    It's here my interested: HICO-DP4113

    If you're a Hico owner, would like to hear your experience with the durability and how they compare to other drill press you've tried.

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. N7EKU

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    We had a cheap made-in-China drill press at work. Guess what? It was cheap and crappy and dangerous (flimsy thin belt guard, mild steel parts, weak castings, etc. I wouldn't expect this thing to be any better -- and certainly not good enough for mortising.

    Just keep and eye out on Craigslist type places. I got an old Delta benchtop for around $100 that just needed a new belt and a bunch of cleaning up. These old made in USA drill presses are very well made, precise, and strong. Nothing cheap about them. I am very happy with mine. I have a Craftsman earlier that is not so good. It was still made in the US, but was during their transition from all metal, to plastic and metal. It is OK, but not that precise and is really noisy direct drive rather than belt-driven. Older Sears Craftsman ones are better.


  3. W0KDT

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    Never buy cheap tools. You already know this. That HICO is almost certainly Chinese, so somewhat suspect.

    As N7EKU said, Craiglist is your friend. Lurk with patience and you will be able to buy a quality tool at a big discount from new. Today there is a benchtop Ryobi in our CraigsList for $150 and a Jet 12" benchtop for $275. Those are both better-quality imports but patience can probably do better yet.
  4. G4COE

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    I'm looking for one too but just for drilling PCB's and was looking at the Proxon 220TBM, these are a lot smaller than the one previously mentioned, one thing I don't like is they get rather hot after about 10 Minutes so one or two people say, the motor rating is only 85 Watts.

    I was looking at a Clarke UK model, but decided against because the write ups aren't that good, having a rather sloppy quill feed so do your homework first, try and read as many reviews as you can otherwise you *may* be wasting good money.

  5. VE3WI

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    I just bought a Ryobi 10" drill press, model # DP103L. It was $195 Cdn at Home Depot. I've only used it to drill some 1/8" aluminum bar stock so far, but it seems to be well-made, for a light duty hobbyist tool.

    Hope you find one that meets your needs.

    Dave, VE3WI
  6. KG7WGX

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    I have an old "made in Taiwan" drill press which looks like a larger brother to the one you're interested in. The table tilted L/R, so I could make that square to the quill, but the table was not square front-to-back. I had to make an auxiliary table and shim it to get it right.

    Then there was the chuck! Runout was truly awful. Fortunately, the Morse taper had low runout, so I could install a Jacobs chuck and proceed.

    At least the motor and switches were OK.

    As others have suggested, shop for something better.
  7. KE0ZU

    KE0ZU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I bought my floor model drill press from HF in 1989 for $109. Its been flawless for all these years, and it has been abused far more than a few times, and none the worse for wear. Run out is still under .001".

    Both models have table up/down Cranks(not on hico), bigger motors, bigger tables, bigger chucks, bigger columns, longer spindle travel, and more speeds, 12 and 16 compared to 5 for hico.

    Over the years I've looked at a lot of presses, and IMHO Harbor Freight drill presses are the best value for your money.

    HF has excellent return policy, and very good product support should you ever need it. FWIW, I've been buying tools from them since the 70s.

    The bold stock numbers are links to the products.

    $135 Stock# 60237


    $270 Stock# 38142 or 61786

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018
  8. KA9JLM

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    Looks like Junk :eek:

    You may be thinking that the motor works flawlessly and does not have any downside. But in this HICO Bench Top Drill Press review, we will highlight a pitfall that you may experience after using this drill press.

    The motor may have smashed after using a long period. But you can handle this issue very skillfully. In this HICO Bench Top Drill Press review, we will share how you can overcome this problem. You need to clean the motor frequently so that any rust cannot place on it. Sometimes cotton and other material attached to the wings of the motor and causes the motor being damaged. So, you have to remember these issues.

    Finally, if you are highly concerned with the power and capacity of the drill press, the 5 Speed Rotary Tool Work Station will be highly appreciable.
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    New member, first post, specific item that's not forum related, neither is the question or the member.
    UM, I'm guessing that was an ad disguised as a question.

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    No good deed goes unpunished?
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