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Looking for an all mode all band radio....Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by N0MIO, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. N0MIO

    N0MIO Ham Member QRZ Page

    ok just as the title reads I am looking for an all mode all band radio. I am a fairly new HAM and am looking to upgrade and get my general license. I am looking at possibly a yaesu 857D or any other model. If anyone on here has any all mode all band radios for sale I would take any or all information. Thanks again, 73's
  2. 2E1HYD

    2E1HYD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Kenwood ts-2000.

    I use one a good rig with all bells and whistles not as good as a dedicated hf rig but as you want all in one like me not to worry.

    Extended rx-tx available plus many more mods, not tried yaesu but icom have some ic-706mkllG
  3. WA4OTD

    WA4OTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    For the money an ICOM 746 is hard to beat. Rugged radio, excellent eham ratings, autotuner, 160M - 2M, 100 watts....but mine isn't for sale. I'm looking at picking up a second one.
  4. KB1JCY

    KB1JCY Ham Member QRZ Page

    What's your budget and what on HF interests you?
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  5. KC8VWM

    KC8VWM Ham Member QRZ Page

    The 857D you are considering is probobly the most popular choice in this "new ham" catagory that will serve you well.

    Welcome aboard :)
  6. KB1JCY

    KB1JCY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Given how noisy the bands are, please consider a radio that has DSP filtering in the Intermediate Frequency (DSP-IF). The Icom IC-7200 and IC-7000 has it in a reasonably priced package.

    Also take a look at the FlexRadio FLEX-3000. Price is a bit steep ($1800) but the performance pWnz all other radios on the market. Software Defined Radio seems to be the future of the hobby.
  7. AG6WT

    AG6WT Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you are on a budget and the FT-857 is an indication of your price range, consider an FT-450. It doesn't do VHF/UHF like the FT-857 but the FT-450 has superior DSP capabilities and the narrow filters are built in. In the FT-857, the filters are extra and add $100 or more to the cost depending on which filters you install.

    The other mentioned tranceivers cost more but you do get more performance and features. However, as you are just starting out you might not be able to justify the extra expense. Don't forget there are a whole list of items to get so don't blow everything on the radio. You could even go cheaper and get an ICOM 718 and have a lot of fun with it.
  8. K9KJM

    K9KJM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Best bang for the buck, Do it ALL radio on the market today at a reasonable cost is the Kenwood TS 2000. The only radio in its price range that can also cross band repeat, Including HF over to UHF!!!! A really neat feature!

    Just a few days ago there was a good used one on Eham that also had the 1.2 Ghz module for only 1,000 bucks!!!!!

    They are now selling brand new with warranty for far under 1500 dollars:
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  9. K7UNP

    K7UNP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Suggestion only.....

    Decide what aspect (specifically) of the hobby you are interested in as far as operating goes.

    All mode, all band rigs offer a certain "cool factor" but the novelty soon wears off as you decide just what interests you.

    I spent thousands of dollars on rigs until I finally got bored on vhf/uhf and so the 857, 892, 706, finally got sold. I had an Ft-450 for a while and also an Icom718. This would have all been un-necessary if I had listened to that little voice and spent the bucks on a rig that was primarily set up for CW.

    Here is what I learned. A great inexpensive radio, ie: an Icom 718 with a decent manual tuner and a SCAF type external audio filter allowed me to work the world on ssb and cw. It was actually no slouch on AM either. Total cost about 750 dollars. Great fun.

    The other route is the way I eventually went which was a ten-Tec Omni VII with an expensive tuner, RF speech processor, external keyer and expensive key. Great everything except the cost,.....around $4000.

    Lets see,...hhhmmmm,...which set-up did I like better??? the inexpensive one suited me just fine. I actually learned something about filtering, different keying schemes, and the importance of assembling jumpers etc. properly. I could experiment a little more by adding such things as an RF ammeter and field strength meter. this caused the inevitable "wire quest" for building the most appropriate antenna.

    Save your money. Go a quality inexpensive route at first until you decide how and where you want to operate. THEN, If you still feel the need, by all means spend that money on what you really want.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  10. W0DV

    W0DV Ham Member QRZ Page

    My first HF rig was an FT-840. I purchased it used from another ham on ebay for $450. It was in excellent shape. I highly recommend it for a beginner SSB Rig.
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