Looking for a few good testers.

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by KV9Y, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. KV9Y

    KV9Y Ham Member QRZ Page


    I have been working on a few little programming projects and finally, one is ready for a few users to try out.

    This is called WeatherWallpaper.  It is a simple little program that pulls weather radar or satellite imagery from the National Weather Service and sets that image as your Windows Wallpaper.

    You can configure it to pull down the image once every so many minutes, or at a certain time per day.  Run the program more than once and you can make it alternate images.

    This really isn't a ham-radio type of program, but some of the core code IS used in a little ham-radio program I am working on.

    It should work for anyone using Windows XP or 2000, who also has a connection to the internet.  It should work fine for dialup, BUT, if you are on dialup, you probably don't want to download any of the larger mosaic images.

    There is also an e-mail support group for users and beta-testers.

    All, please let me know what you think.

    You can get to the website by browsing to  http://www.radstream.com/weather/

    Ken - KC7RAD
  2. AE4XJ

    AE4XJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The link in your message does not work correctly, the slash before index.html is the wrong one, but changed it and was able to view your download page. I am using Mozilla which may be the problem.

    The install and launch failed, send me an email and I will send back the errors I received.

  3. KC9ECI

    KC9ECI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Failed to install on Vista.
  4. KV9Y

    KV9Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Doesn't suprise me that it doesn't install on Vista. I haven't tried it at home, and at work, Vista is strictly forbidden because of the bugs and security issues.

    I will try to find someone localy with Vista and try it. Maybe it's just a simple setting... Maybe it is something more complex.

    SO, for those wanting to try this program, you must...

    Have Windows XP, XP Pro or 2000.
    Browse to the site and install with MS Internet Explorer. I have been working with Chuck (AE4XJ) on FireFox. Unfortunately it has issues running the install.

    73's and TNX all again
  5. KC9ECI

    KC9ECI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Installed fine on my XP box. Is there a way to minimize it to the toolbar down by the volume button, etc?
  6. KV9Y

    KV9Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Glad to hear it is running fine on your XP box!

    The feature to minimize it down to the system tray is on my list of things to do for the next release. Hopefully, that should be in a week or two.

    When I have that ready, and you have the program installed, it will check for updates when you start it up.

    Thanks again for trying it!

  7. KC9ECI

    KC9ECI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sweet, thanks.
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