Long Path opening to Europe and Middle East caused by Earthquakes

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by VE7DXW, May 1, 2020.

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  1. VE7DXW

    VE7DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yesterdays opening that made it possible to receive stations from Europe here on the West Coast was caused by several earthquakes, especially the M5.3 from eastern Siberia.

    On early May the 1st. between 02:00 UTC ans 05:00 UTC there was a very unusual opening to Europe on 80 m and 40 m and we would like to get your experience during the opening and what stations you were able to work?
    World wide communication when the solar flux is 70!?

    Thank you very much for your comments and meaningful discussion;

    Alex - VE7DXW

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  2. N3FAA

    N3FAA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I work Europe from the west coast pretty much daily, and it has absolutely nothing to do with earthquakes. It's called having a good antenna.
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  3. WG7X

    WG7X Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    In statistics, the phrase "correlation does not imply causation" refers to the inability to legitimately deduce a cause-and-effect relationship between two variables solely on the basis of an observed association or correlation between them. (Wikipedia)

    Know whut I mean Vern?

    PS: EU is on 80 right now. At 0422 PST... My antenna? 80 meter full wave loop.
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  4. W0KDT

    W0KDT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Do you think that the fact that the earth is flat might explain this phenomenon?
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  5. VE7DXW

    VE7DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is the normal short pass opening on the Atlantic that you refer to. They are very common between 10:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC. What happened on May the 1st. was exceptional because it was at 02:00 UTC to 05:00 UTC which only can happen when some other energy concentrates the ionosphere over the Pacific.
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  6. VE7DXW

    VE7DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    The bands are open right now, because there was a M5.3 and M6.6 off Greece in the Mediterranean and a M5.5 in Puerto Rico. Here is the link to the USGS site:

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  7. PA0SWX

    PA0SWX Ham Member QRZ Page

    This explanation sounds much to simple, more investigation is needed.
    Did you cancel out the zonal tidal winds, Ochotsck anomaly (MLSA) and extreme weather systems?
    Strong winds above the Weddlesea can be responsible for increase TEC units above the Ochotschsea, because coupling due L cells in the plasmasphere.
    And if this earthquakes ars responsible for increase TEC units, don't forget that the ionosphere is not a perfect mirror.
    The radiowave will scatter in different directions, there is no perfect greatcircle pad.
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  8. AG6QR

    AG6QR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    As seismologists can tell us, there are, on average, about 1,500 earthquakes with magnitude > 5.0 worldwide every year. That works out to over four per day. As we hams know, there are frequent band openings. Both phenomena are somewhat random, but with some statistical patterns. Earthquakes tend to be more common along major tectonic plate boundaries (such as the "ring of fire" around the Pacific) and along fault lines, while band openings tend to vary based on solar cycle, time of day, season, and contest weekends.

    The fact that someone found a band opening that happened near the time of a couple of earthquakes is not surprising. A single observation like that does not establish a cause/effect relationship. Why don't these band openings happen every time we get four such earthquakes in the "ring of fire"?

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  9. VE7DXW

    VE7DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    They do occur everyday and they do have an effect on propagation:

    If you want to receive these earthquakes reports on a daily bases please join the MDSR.io group. Please feel free to forward this message to third parties.

    Thank you; A
  10. VE7DXW

    VE7DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    The quakes magnetic field creates the ionosphere lenses that radio waves bounce off!
    The simple solution to a problem is always the more likely one!!! A

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