Logging Software- Who's using what?

Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by KY5U, May 25, 2010.

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  1. KB9HGI

    KB9HGI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Still useing Win EQF simple and easy to use.
  2. US4IPQ

    US4IPQ Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. N9AAT

    N9AAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Call me Mr. Retro but I can't get away from paper. I've tried HRD and ACLog but now I'm jotting down everything on a modified pdf I downloaded (yellow paper for HAM and green for SWL), then I sit down and enter it all into QRZ's database and retire the sheets to the 3-ring binder. Seems to work for me. :)
  4. K3ROJ

    K3ROJ Ham Member QRZ Page


    I have found nGENLOG to be good for my logging needs. I subscribe to QRZ XML service and as soon as I enter a call, the QRZ info is entered in the logging panel, then a separate window show whatever picture they may have on QRZ which can strike up some interesting contacts when I say, "I like those antennas on your QRZ page". Worked countries are highlighted in the main log and if there any awards reached. Another panel shows the world map and a line from your location to the worked station. nGENLOG runs very fast on my Windows 7 64 bit processor.
  5. W0BTU

    W0BTU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wrote some contest logging software in years past, in Turbo Pascal 3. (That was back in the DOS days, son. ;-) I think the source code is on my web site somewhere. (www.w0btu.com)

    I don't know which was more fun, writing the software or playing in the contests.

    For logging these days, though, I use Xlog. Better than pen and paper.
  6. K4RKY

    K4RKY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I use HRD 5.0 beta. I like Simons work and support second to none.
  7. K3DCW

    K3DCW QRZ Lifetime Member #212 Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    re: Logging Software - Who's using what?

    For the Mac, besides MLDX, there is also RUMlog (http://www.dl2rum.de/rumsoft/RUMLog.html). It is cheaper than MLDX (as in FREE), includes most of the same features, is MUCH better at tracking awards (if that is your thing) and supports both cocoaModem and Fldigi if you're a digital fan.

    I actually use both MLDX and RUMlog...they both have the strong points. You can't go wrong with either.

  8. N2HO

    N2HO Ham Member QRZ Page

    UR5EQF log.
    Lots of features, free program.
  9. WA4OTD

    WA4OTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ham Radio Deluxe, fully featured, does everything logger
  10. AK7EE

    AK7EE Ham Member QRZ Page

    AC Log here

    I looked at several, but there was always something I didn't like about them. I became active with the local club and they AC log for field day. It was just easier to use AC Log for my needs also.
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