Logbook of the World and the "binary trap."

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by AD0K, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. AD0K

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    I have been a user of LotW for some months, now, and am ready to see it succeed. I am disappointed, however, by the apparent lack of use by many in the hobby. From the comments I read, there seems to be a real "binary trap" mentality going on. It is as though if one were to use LotW (or eQSL, for that matter) it means the death of QSL cards. There is an assumption that to use LotW one cannot or will not mail a QSL card. This "either-or" mentality is just not logical. To use LotW is a convenience for those with the equipment to use it. It does not replace an old-fashioned QSL card for anyone who does not wish it to. For me, I QSL 100% by LotW and eQSL so those who use the system can have its advantages. I also QSL 100% all DX I work by "old-fashioned" QSL cards and will do so for any stateside QSOs who desire one or send me a card. I send several each week to those for whom I desire their card, either for awards or something that was unique about the QSO.

    Get out of the "binary trap" that assumes one cannot use all the systems. I encourage the use of electronic QSLing as it makes it easier for those who cannot afford postage (I remember my younger days when to send out a lot of QSL cards was a real hardship, financially).

    Just my two cents worth.

    Buda, TX
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    Do not forget to write your anti-BPL letters,
    encourage new amateur radio participation and generally be nice
    to one another. That is all.
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