logbook down?

Discussion in 'Community Help Center' started by IU5HES, Apr 30, 2019.

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  1. EB1BSV

    EB1BSV Volunteer / Dx Helper/ Moderator / Lifetime Member Volunteer Moderator Volunteer DX Helper Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    Logbook is undergoing maintenance at this time. We appreciate your patience and will work diligently to restore service as soon as possible.

    Sorry for the inconvenience
  2. M6ENP

    M6ENP Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    mines also been down all day m6enp ??
  3. W1KE

    W1KE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Who would have known we need QRZ logbook so much? It seems like my world is suspended.
  4. KG6BXW

    KG6BXW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks for the update it was down last night for a bit and I was starting to think that maybe it was something stupid on my end. Thanks for all the work you folks do!
  5. K2NED

    K2NED XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Would be nice if qrz put out a notice nstead of letting us all guess
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  6. M6ENP

    M6ENP Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    like a notice homepage would be great.....just a thought ?
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  7. W3KIT

    W3KIT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I think it is no longer a normal maintenance.

    QRZ.. give it to us. Tell us something is broken, we won't eat you. This is no maintenance :)
  8. N0FN

    N0FN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Y'know, maintenance, like when your car blows up and then you have to put some more oil in. :)

    It's only funny because I haven't gone to my QRZ logbook in literally years, but after switching to a new logging program/computer I thought I'd play around and see how hard it was to upload the contacts to QRZ as well (since some people seem to like that). I guess today isn't the day to try it out!

    -Neil N0FN
  9. MM7WAB

    MM7WAB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank You to the guys behind the scenes for all the work You are putting in to fix the logbook.. reverted back to old fashioned analog paper log until it is fixed. Keep up the good work. 73 de MM7WAB
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  10. DL7WHG

    DL7WHG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Now it's up again. Tnx for all your work. Best 73's, DL7WHG

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