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    Moderator Quote: "In fact, I wish he, and all of the others (not that many, fortunately) who hide behind "CB type handles" would identify themselves."

    First i did not think that your call sign was required as this is ONLY COMPUTER sorta like a news group so the CB TYPE HANDLES is a bash in itself. I REFUSE to use my call sign for THIS EXACT reason the scruples of some of the members on this forum are questionable to say the very least. Is it saying that you only need act professional on the radio but the internet is a free for all? I think not!!!
    I enjoy this as a hobby and yes my lead to ham radio is from CB but does that make it wrong? If this is so then by all means let me know and I will no longer post on this NEWS GROUP. Remember the post on this forum about a operator making contact on his computer and everyone was quick to jump and let him know THAT IS NOT RADIO.....well neither is this so nic names should not be a problem. With that said. Radiomercenary and WR6S this is all i can say to help:

    go to this link


    they live for the type of harassment you are getting

    Contact: <A HREF="mailto:no_emails_please@thankyou.gov">no_emails_please@thankyou.gov</A>
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