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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by Guest, Mar 17, 2004.

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  1. K4JSR

    K4JSR Ham Member QRZ Page


    Do not let yourself be drinking any beverage while reading
    this thread!  You'll soon be washing out the inside of your
    nose with that beverage!!  [​IMG]

    And Chuck, how could you do "16 Tons" after SY told us all
    not to buy FORDS!!  (My apologies, Ernie&#33[​IMG]

    Who wants to do a group hug with a bunch of Drippy Nosed
    QRZ readers?   [​IMG]   [​IMG]    And DOUBLE HAW!

        73,  Cal  K4JSR

    And furthermore, Chuck, is it true that you had started to
    write a book about a certain two by two from the Left Coast
    but had to stop because it was becoming a "TROLLOGY"[​IMG]?
    (HAW) X 1 X 10^6     Yes, that would Mega Haw! [​IMG]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    (Sung to the tune of "PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON"

    (Tune 'Peter, Paul, and Mary)
    Lyrics © 2004 K3FT

    Oh, start a thread for comments, on QUE-ARE-ZEE!
    And laugh or curse or just enjoy replies that you shall see!
    As sure as I can be, you'll love those posts to read!
    And you'll be tempted to reply, and press on the 'SEND' key!

    "Post the many comments..On QUE-ARE-ZEE!
    Lots of things to write about...such dye-ver-sa-teeeee!'
    Post the many comments.. On QUE-ARE-ZEE!
    And read responses good and bad, and laugh quite heart-eh-leee!"

    With many mixed emotions at things that people post,
    Sometimes we laugh, or curse, or flame to make our points so clear!
    But all show Glen much honor, For we know that just the same,
    For like the mighty Wouff Hong does, Glen can make us DISAPPEAR!


    QUE-ARE-ZED lasts forever, but not so threads and posts,
    Flames and zings and words and such make way for other things.
    I'm sure that soon t'will happen, this thread will be no more,
    And we will have to find a way to start out fresh, I'm sure!

    Our keyboards will be silent, no tapping will be heard,
    The lack of threads and posts some will roundly deplore!
    Without a thread to answer, nor comments to explain,
    (I bet a certain CA ham will be driven quite insane&#33[​IMG]



    (sorry for the poor meter and sometimes failure to hold to the original music tempo, but I was rushed. Only had abot 15 mintues to do this. I'll do better, next time&#33[​IMG]

  3. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    You Better ! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    73 from Jim
  4. N8CPA

    N8CPA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Do headlocks with noogies count as hugs?

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Headlocks with noogies count ONLY as long as you properly apply 'The Wedgie Factor'!

  6. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    Well, how about this version of "Puff" ?

    HAM - The Magic Hobby

    With apologies to Peter Yarrow, and Leonard Tipton, and a whole bunch of Amateur Radio Operators who feel this title is just SOOO WRONG !

    HAM - The Magic Hobby, lived in a shack
    And frolicked in the Ether Waves in the "F Layers" way up high
    And little Joey Hammer loved that rascal HAM
    And built up rigs and antenna strings , and stuff to please the eye!

    Must this debate drag-on - Will it never end?
    Why can't we just hug and kiss ( ugh ! ) - And say we'll all be friends?
    Must this debate drag-on - Will it never end?
    Why can't we just hug and kiss ( ugh ! ) - And say we'll all be friends?

    Together Hams would travel - on Ether filled with sigs
    Joe Ham would call CQ and hear from others with their rigs
    Noble kings and princes would sometimes give a call
    And when he answered back, CBers would always stand in awe!


    But one day Joe discovered the voiceless Internet
    And found out he could just raise he!! by typing out his vent,
    And so he left his first love, and pecked out on his keys,
    And soon the ham shack was as winsome as a rare disease!


    The debate lives forever, but not so all the boys,
    Yaesu rigs and S-9 sigs make way for other joys.
    One dark day it happened, Joe Ham came no more,
    And HAM the mighty hobby, ceased his fearless roar.

    Must this debate drag-on - Will it never end?
    Why can't we just hug and kiss ( ugh ! ) - And say we'll all be friends?
    Must this debate drag-on - Will it never end?
    Why can't we just hug and kiss ( ugh ! ) - And say we'll all be friends?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    With hope and 73 from Jim
  7. N5RLR

    N5RLR Ham Member QRZ Page

    <span style='color:blue'>You guys are ruining my childhood memories! [​IMG] [​IMG]</span>
  8. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    Would it help if I just told you I've never heard of &quot;Puff, the Magic Dragon&quot; - - - - I just made it up ? ? ? [​IMG]

    No ? ? ? [​IMG] Didn't think so ! ! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    73 from Jim
  9. K4JSR

    K4JSR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Boy!  I sure am glad that I am a humorless old grump!
    Otherwise I could hurt myself reading this thread! [​IMG]
    sMarty should come back and play one of his high dollar
    guitars for all of you song birds!  [​IMG]
    There! That oughta get y'all back in line! (Yeah, right&#33[​IMG]
    [​IMG]   Cal w/coffee stained nose  K4JSR
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Do not forget to write your anti-BPL letters,
    encourage new amateur radio participation and generally be nice
    to one another. That is all.
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