List of QRP CW rigs

Discussion in 'QRP Corner' started by N0FN, Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. N0FN

    N0FN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just went through and updated my spreadsheet listing all of the QRP CW radios that are currently available. When I first got interested in QRP, many of the rigs that people were suggesting to me were not available to buy. My goal with this list is to provide new people interested in QRP with the various options that they can actually go out and buy.

    The field has moved on a bit since the last time I checked the list with the advent of the QRP Labs QCX, Ashar Farhan's uBitX, QRP Guys Para80set, and some new Xiegu and YouKits models. The single band sub-100 options are better than ever and there are non-BitX SSB/CW multi-band radios from China between $320 and $700.

    I like to keep this as accurate as possible, so let me know if there are any radios that should be on the list, or if any of those on the list are no-longer available.

    -Neil N0FN
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  2. WD0BCT

    WD0BCT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    A noble effort. Some of these current draws on receive are very low! I wish I had paid a little more attention to power requirements before getting my first QRP rig (FT817ND). But then again I was not aware of how much fun backpacking was with the unit...
  3. KU3X

    KU3X Ham Member QRZ Page

    Receive current: YouKits HB-1B four band, 15 to 40 meters. 100 ma.
    I just measured it.

    As per the manual for the X5105, it states 500 ma @ max .
    Barry, KU3X
  4. N0FN

    N0FN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for those pieces of information. I updated the spreadsheet.
  5. N0FN

    N0FN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I thought of sorting the spreadsheet by receive current draw, but I think it overemphasizes the very small numbers. Anything around 150mA or lower is plentifully low. A pack of NiMH AA batteries has at least 1200 mAh of capacity so if you can get 8 hours of receive on a handful of AA batteries, you might not need to worry about going too much lower. That said, I sure do enjoy my KD1JV MTR2 with a current draw down near 35 mA!
  6. AF7XT

    AF7XT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Does my Galena and whisker / keyed 2N2222 Pierce / coat hanger make the list ? :)

    Thank You for the effort
  7. N6MST

    N6MST Ham Member QRZ Page

    What about the many kits offered by Rex Harper over at QRPme?

    Edit: Midway Electronics has also recently come out with a new SW+ (Small Wonder Labs kit) offering called the ME+.
  8. KL7AJ

    KL7AJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    How bout semi-vintage ones? I LOVED LOVED LOVED my old Ten Tec Argonaut. I'd get another one if it showed up on the Zed list. :)
  9. N6MST

    N6MST Ham Member QRZ Page

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  10. N0FN

    N0FN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I decided when I started the list to include only frequency-agile transceivers rather than those that are only crystal-controlled or only receivers or only transmitters. This was an attempt to save some work from having to track lots of cheap Rockmite/49er-type kits. My decision was also influenced by VK3YE's classic quote here ( "Frequency agility, provided at the minimum by a good VXO that covers tens of kilohertz, is essential to QRP success. Accept nothing less."

    So that's why Rex's transceiver kits don't appear on the list, but I have added the Midway Electronics SW kits. Thanks for pointing those out.

    -Neil N0FN
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