Legal obstacle removed to open Titanic, retrieve Marconi radio

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W0PV, May 20, 2020.

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  1. JF1IRQ

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    Kate Winslet

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  2. N4GKS

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  3. WJ4U

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    A friend called and said, "Hey, when things open up let's go out for some beer & seafood!"
    "Where?" I asked.
    He suggested the Titanic.
    "Nah! That's such a dive!" :oops:
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  4. W6UXB

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    I do believe it is pretty much a sacred site, but as it is a robot going in and cutting the side of the ship where the radio room was I believe it is a worthwhile venture to reclaim some brilliant radio history
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  5. W4TUC

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    This will be one more item to keep the memory of those lost alive.Preserve history for all to remember.
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  6. W7UUU

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    Grooooooaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn :D:D

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  7. AE7XG

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    The watery grave should be left alone. We already know what the radio looks like. I suspect it is NOT serviceable ...
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  8. W0PV

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    There are pro and con sides as to the salvage of the radio equipment from Titanic's Silent Room. The con side says not to salvage the radio gear because Titanic is a marine grave and should be left alone. There have been some 5,000 artifacts salvaged so far. On the pro side, the roof of Titanic's Officer's Quarters Deckhouse in danger of collapsing and crushing the Silent Room . The equipment should be removed so its configuration can be studied, otherwise it will be lost forever.

    Parks Stephenson is a volunteer researcher of shipwrecks. He offers some background information for diving down to the Titanic again,

    "Jim Cameron surveyed the remains of the Marconi transmitting room (Silent Cabin) in 2001 and 2005. The operator's room, with all the receiving components, was destroyed during the sinking by the flow of water through the deckhouse. But the Silent Cabin had soundproofed walls, which withstood the rush of water and protected the transmitting apparatus within. Over the next century, the organisms that feed off the wreck ate away the wooden walls, revealing a beautifully complete and intact transmitting apparatus, the only surviving example of a Marconi 5-kW marine station in the world. It also happens to make up part of what is arguably the most famous radio (telegraph, actually, but that’s how the public sees it) in the world. I am the one who performed the analysis of Jim's dive imagery and reconstructed what was a unique station. Not even the Marconi Co. archives had any source material about Titanic’s installation, given that they were always put together by the local Marconi engineer to fit the space allocated aboard each vessel.

    The components were standard Marconi, it was the manner in which they were installed that was unique. Each marine station was put together by a supervising Marconi engineer, tailored to each ship. Olympic was Titanic’s sister ship and as such was almost identical, but her Marconi Room was in a different location than Titanic’s. Also, Olympic had a plain spark discharger, while Titanic (launched a year after Olympic) received the newer disc discharger. Jim Cameron modeled his movie version of the Marconi Room on Olympic because it was better documented in photographs. No photograph of Titanic’s Silent Cabin exists. The Marconi archives had nothing regarding Titanic, specifically. It wasn’t until after the movie, after Cameron explored the wreck and found the remains of the Silent Room, that we finally discovered how different Titanic was from Olympic. Each component, though, is standard Marconi products and I used their catalogue to help re-create the system in CGI.

    The transmitting apparatus has survived. The wood boxes that house the jigger, coils and ATI have certainly degraded, but the motor-generator set (which includes the first rotary discharger to go to sea) looks to be in good, maybe even restorable, condition. The switchboards and regulators, still mounted on the steel bars that handled their weight, still show the last operator settings of motor and alternator. The condenser bank and transformer are in galvanized steel tubs. Wall mounted components still hang in space, held up by their connecting wires after the walls themselves were consumed.

    This apparatus needs to be saved, as the deckhouse that has protected it until now is collapsing. I have noted the ongoing collapse of the roof of that deckhouse even saw it in person during my dive to the wreck last year (2019). It won't be long before the remains of the roof collapses on top of the apparatus, just like it did over Captain’s Smith bathtub (which we noted for the first time last year).

    The wreck doesn't belong to us or this time. We are lucky to still have the wreck in exploitable condition now. Future generations won't have that luxury that we take for granted. They will want to connect to Titanic and any artifacts we rescue from the disintegrating wreck now will be their link to the ship and its story. I would think as radio men, you would want this piece of communications history preserved forever"
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  9. NN4RH

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    Put it on eBay “...worked good the last time it was used ... no manual ... “
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  10. EA1DDO

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    It is better and easier to build a replica/copy.

    73, Maximo
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