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Learn The Bandplan!

Discussion in 'Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator/Upgrading Privi' started by KA7GKN, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. NN4RH

    NN4RH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well, those go hand in hand. There's no such thing as a good operator who ignores the FCC regulations and operates out of his license privileges. A good operator follows the rules.

    Again, there is a distinction between what is customarily called the "Band Plan" versus the Frequency Allocations.

    Band Plan -

    Frequency Allocations -
  2. WH7EVR

    WH7EVR Ham Member QRZ Page

    right but my point that is using the bandplan can help you stay within those allocated frequencies. the bandplan doesnt have plans for non-allocated freqs!
  3. KA7GKN

    KA7GKN Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK, let me fix this......

    I titled this thread "band plan"
    In reality I actually meant "frequency allocation as delineated by your specific FCC license"

    Reading the replies I realize the purpose of this post to make newly licensed hams and long time hams review their personal operating band plan of allocated frequencies and modes as delineated by their specific license! And to stay within those boundaries. Some of you understood that!

    Those of you with worthless're embarrassing yourself.

    Martin KA7GKN
  4. KB3LAZ

    KB3LAZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    There is a difference between Barking and informing. Intimidation is not appropriate. Sometimes how one says something means twice as much as what they say. Wanting to help is a noble thing but it is not always enough.
  5. W0UZR

    W0UZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    ohhh,,,YES SIR !!!

    Thanks for putting me in my place, SIR!!

    It's a great thing that you know what you are doing and keep people like me whipped in my place !!!!!
  6. KE7ZOE

    KE7ZOE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks. I'm putting up a new antenna next week. I'll try to contact you then.
  7. K7JBM

    K7JBM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Your Priviledge

    I think sometimes we forget that we have been afforded the privilege to operate Amatuer radios. I am not a government enthusiest by any means, I don't agree with all of the regulation going on and the desire of our government to regulate more of our lives, but here is the reality of our priviledge to operate.

    I know an individual that was a real pirate or rogue bouncing back and forth on the repeaters on 2m and 70cm and unfortunately higher than 70(MARS/CAP). The individual was also a long time user of 11 meters and because there is practically no policing of 11 meters any more he believed he could do the same on the amatuer freqs. Long story short, the individual was apprehended. Since he had no amateur license he was fined over $7,500 dollars and almost spent jail time, fortunately he was afforded probation for a amount of time.

    What is my point? Unlike the 11 meters bandwith, the people operating here who took the time to accomplish obtaining there license through educating themselves and then working to retain there understanding and then submitting themselves to testing, we care enormously about the integrity of our privaledges on these freqs. I like many others in ametuer radio do fox hunts and we help oversee (along with the FCC) these bandwidths. If you feel the need to be a rogue and operate outside of your privilege you will be caught and unfornately you will find out your feeling of excitement will be very expensive including the cancellation of your license. If you just have to have that rush I would suggest you stay on 11 meters where nobody is watching.

    I know this sounds like a threat but it is not, you need to understand that a lot of ham operators are involved with local police and fire departments for rescue and emergency operations and because of that we are very protective of our privileges on the freqs and generally we will not tolerate any one impinging or threatening our privileges.

    Now as was mentioned in an earlier post if this was accidental then you can be excused for that, but if the FCC receives continuous complaints they won't consider that accidental it become malicious. I am really not trying to be inflammatory with any of my remarks only informative. I say that because of the response to a post prior to this one. Nobody is trying to whip you in line, we are just trying to give you helpful information, because if the FCC gets involved (if they aren't already) you won't be treated as kindly as some hear have tried to be.

  8. K2QI

    K2QI Ham Member QRZ Page

    When I first got my General, I aksed for a SKED here on QRZ on a frequency not authorized to me; I didn't even transmit but I was still yelled at.

    So I went and got my Extra. Problem solved. :D

    P.S. I keep a bandplan stuck to my wall right in front of the rig. I also remember to check when transmitting near the band edges. Remember, be courteous out there.
  9. WD4CHP

    WD4CHP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Reference cards

    The band plan charts can be confusing until you know your limits without looking.

    Attached is what I have printed on a 6"x4" note card. Phone on one side and CW on the other. My pdf maker will not allow the 6"x4" format so it shows up on 8.5"x 11".

    I made it up in Microsoft Word.

    It is easier to have the card handy than trying to read the charts.

    I also made another card with the local repeaters.
  10. AI3V

    AI3V Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was first licensed in 1977 as WB3KHR.

    To this day, I keep a 3-ring binder with my HF station.

    It contains:

    My ticket
    ARRL chart for the bandplan---Available for download and printing here.
    DXCC Prefix List
    Callsign Maps
    Chart of antenna tuner knob settings vs. different frequencys

    There is no shame in referring to the bandplan chart,I use it constantly.

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