Land Ops ARC producing meteorite documentary

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KI6QBM, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. KI6QBM

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    The story about the second largest meteorite to be found in the U.S. is shrouded in a fog of controversy. The official name of this 6,070 pound space rock is "Old Woman Meteorite", but once upon a time it was called something quite different...Lucky Nugget!

    This is literally a meteorite that was found and lost by its' discoverers just like the elusive lost arches gold mine these prospectors were in search of. The 1976 discovery is not well documented, but Land Ops ARC is going back to unearth the mysteries and tell the story from the perspective of "Lucky Nugget".

    Join the Land Ops Adventure Radio Club as we take you back in time...back to the discovery site.

    Participate in the documentary at
  2. KI6QBM

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  3. KB2SMS

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  4. K8ERV

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    How did they weigh it?

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
  5. W1YW

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    LAND OPS is a great group that uses an adventure premise with ham radio as its tool. Check out their website:
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  6. KC8VWM

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  7. W1YW

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    This meteorite is well -known (at least its story) to astronomers.

    All meteorites perish over time from exposure to the elements. In arid environments , specifically deserts, meteorites have the best chance of being found. Iron nickel meteorites rust out on short geological time scales, so the Old Woman Meteorite was found because it was a young fall, and fell in the right, dry place.

    I have a sizeable iron-nickel meteorite on my desk, a 10 pounder from the Campo de Cielo fall. Whenever I feel in doubt of my self worth, I look at it to remind me how we all started. Your iron based blood comes from iron nickel meteorites from long, long ago. Feeling special now:)?

    Oddly, the best place to find meteorites is antarctica, as old falls tend to surface from sublimated glacial ice, and little snowfall in the desert region spells little erosion or oxidation. You know that if you truck along on a snowmobile, and see a black thing on the ice, its not a bolus or a slug or a handball. Its a meteorite.

    Landops is taking a challenging trek to re trace the route taken to find the meteorite. Its possible that modern metal detectors may finds bits around the general area where the OWM was found in 1975.
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  8. KI6PMD

    KI6PMD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have seen the Old Woman Meteorite ! it is in the BLM office in Barstow ,California ! they sent it to the Smithsonian in D.C. & cut a slice off it & then returned it to Barstow ! it is wonderful to see . Phil KI6PMD..
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  9. KI6QBM

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    Here's our video that explains why we're using the name Lucky Nugget (mysteries of) for this perspective documentary.
  10. KI6QBM

    KI6QBM Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is our kickstarter explanation video.
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