LA-1K Newbie Question

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by KB7AK, Aug 18, 2019.

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  1. KB7AK

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    it's sitting on my desk and I am ready to start using it, but I fall short of understanding some basic connectivity requirements (I have never had an external amplifier before in my life). I need to connect a "PTT Cable" from my radio to the Palstar PTT connector. Now, it was easy to find the one on the Palstar, but I am not sure what, of the many, ports I should use on my FTDX-3000. I have an idea but I don't want to do the wrong thing here

    Can someone help me?
  2. NW2K

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  3. WB2WIK

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    You use the DB-15 LINEAR jack on the FTDX-3000: Pins 2 and 3 are TX GND and GND, and you use only those two pins for interfacing with the LA-1K's RCA phono jack.

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