KX2 Data Modes

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KC1DMJ, Feb 20, 2017.

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  1. KC1DMJ

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    Hi Everyone -

    I'm trying to get on the air using digital modes on my KX2. I have everything hooked up properly as per the manual (using 2x audio cables to connect the Phones and Mic jacks + the KXUSB for control) and I'm in Data A mode. However, when I go to transmit from fldigi it says "Connect Data In To Mic Jack." I was hoping to be able to use my onboard sound at least to get it up and running. Am I getting this error because I'm not using a dedicated sound card? I've tested the output from fldigi using headphones and it is definitely "transmitting" from the PC, but for some reason the radio isn't picking it up. Thanks!
  2. KK4YEL

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    did you ever get an answer? I am plagued with the same issue tonight, from my hotel room...
  3. KM5GT

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    I found the answer! From the manual:
    In AF data modes (DATA-A, AFSK-A), an external audio
    source must be plugged into the mic jack. This disconnects
    the internal mic.

    For some reason my KX2 isn't sensing the audio. I can work FT8 if I use the normal USB mode, but I am having problems in the Data mode. I suspect that my audio level is too low. Time to experiment.

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