Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by KE6FQC, Oct 5, 2018.

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  1. KE6FQC

    KE6FQC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I had some shipping damage issues with a sale from Bill Herren, and he immediately set the wheels in motion for refunding my money. No hemmin' n hawin' from this man. You can feel comfortable in dealing with him.
    Thanks Bill. 73
  2. KN3ABC

    KN3ABC Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks, I appreciate that. I stepped up and did a refund immediately because it wasn't the fault of the buyer that the post office damaged the radio.
    And I couldn't see him wait for his money back.
    The USPS really messed up the radio and I am still fighting with them to honor the damage claim on their Insurance I purchased on the item shipped.
    I still haven't received a report from them. Going on well over a month now with their bureaucracy

    On another note !
    I had an unfortunate dealing with another ham that purchased an Icom W32a from me on this site.
    I stated in the thread that no returns except for damage during shipping.
    After the individual received the radio, I asked him if all was OK. He responded in an email that all seemed OK. Then over two weeks later after he had the radio, he files a claim against me with paypal and wants all his money back.
    He claimed the radio had low Transmit power. I tested the radio before I shipped it and hit a repeater 20 miles from my house with it.
    Amazing that some people think that I'm WALMART.
    So paypal almost never sides with a seller and now I'm out the money, the shipping and maybe the radio.
    I will never sell to anyone under the age of 25 again, on anything.
    To add insult to injury paypal will charge me a fee to refund his money to him and not to mention that they hit me for a fee to take his money ????
    I have only ever sold two things online. The first being the FT 890 AT radio that the Post office destroyed, and then the second was this portable radio.
    If I ever have anything to sell in the future, it will be person to person and cash or trade at a swap meet.
    Thanks KN3ABC

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