Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by N4GNR, Dec 1, 2018.

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  1. N4GNR

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    I just spoke to ED-KL7HRN in Wasilla just north of Anchorage... He said the biggest of the 2 quakes was quite violent.. His gas water heater shifted and took a lot of time to get restored. Also he said a lot of glass broken from pictures, and anything glass.
    He said his 2 BIGGEST CONCERNS are- first, the aftershocks are going to be bad. Second, Power loss. Ed says that upon sunset, it gets very cold quickly and a long power failure will be critical to peoples survival.
    I also got a personal report from Bob NL7S, and he reports all is fine except for a lot of glass breakage.
    PLEASE keep the people of Alaska-- Anchorage, Wasilla, and surrounding areas in your prayers
    Dan Cisson,, N4GNR
  2. NL7W

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    My home and family are in Palmer, AK at the moment (between Palmer and Wasilla). Thankfully, my house did NOT suffer any damage whatsoever. Most of the breakable glass items are packed away, as we're in the midst of a move to Wisconsin. My neighbors were not so lucky. Oh, my home's water heater was strapped to a stud in the wall behind it at three levels. It survived...

    Interesting note. My home was to visited by an realtor -- to put it up for sale -- the day of the quake! That didn't happen! She couldn't get from Eagle to Palmer anyway... the only highway between Palmer and the Greater Anchorage area was damaged and impassable.

    My kids' middle and high schools, Colony Middle and High, were both damaged by the quake. Neither child has returned to school yet. Assessments and repairs to both continue. Both schools suffered damaged and leaking water and fire sprinkler piping, about 75% of the ceiling tiles fell onto children during the event, to include some suspended ceiling lighting (not good). Colony HS's main auditorium will not be used the rest of this school year, as it was damaged and or requires thorough structural inspection. Several roads were damaged and became impassable, both in the Valley and in the Anchorage areas.

    All in all, I think southcentral Alaska was fortunate.

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