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  1. K3MA

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    I recently purchased a Drake TR5 which he described as "Front panel and cabinet are in very very nice condition. Looks excellent On plastic on front panel you see some shadows on the plastic display, its fine what you see are shadows from sunlight coming in. No accessories come with it. "

    Since I live in PA and he lives in NJ I arranged for my wife to meet him along her route to go to CT at the beginning of a trip to help her mother. She remained in CT for 10 days and when she returned home I saw the radio was clearly not as described. The two plastic side trim pieces were broken where the screws insert. The front bottom Aluminum trim had a dent where it must have been dropped. The front plastic display is clearly scratched with some permanent white marks.

    Because it had no power supply or cord with it I had to source and order the special connector. Upon receiving it I wired it to a power supply and checked the operation of the TR5. I found only 1 watt RF output and it seemed that one of the frequency band crystals had been changed to cover the CB band.

    As a result of these issues I sent Rich a email outlining them more for his information then anything else. I was clear to indicate in the email that I did not blame him for the operational issues but certainly he was responsible for the over blown description of the appearance in his ad. He mentioned in the ad that the radio came from his "Iam helping a person selling off estate." In my email I did not suggest any resolution but rather was more interested in getting any information he might have about whom and how the radio was used. Having a CB crystal in the radio with blown final transistors would be a strong indicator that there might be more golden screw driver problems within the radio and I might be best to sell it as parts rather than try to source parts for a repair. Only a few hundred of these radio were made so parts are somewhat scarce.

    Well I was very surprised at his evasive and aggressive response. He provided no information about the history of the radio and rather tried to blame me for suggesting he contact the widow. Which I did not. He also took no responsibility for any of the issues and offered no apology or resolution. Instead his approach was to say the problems were mine since I had the radio for so long. He did not provide any recognition that obtaining the means to power this radio took time, that my wife did not return with the radio for 10 days. Or what he knew is already that after my wife returned with the radio the next day we left for a three day visit to Canada. She picked up the radio from Rich on June 10th and I emailed him with the issues on June 25th. Frankly, he showed no interest in the facts and I suspect even if I had contacted him the same day his response what have been the same.

    My point in making this post is not to make a judgement if Rich is honest or a liar but rather to caution future buyers that if his behavior in my case is any indication of how he deals with transaction you should make sure you buy nothing from him without seeing and testing the equipment in person or if you purchase based upon his description you should pay with a method that allow you some recourse. Otherwise you will only get evasion and blame should you have issues once received.

    I am sure I will be fine since I knew the price of this radio model and the issues with their operation and parts supply and offered a price for the radio that would recognize the risk I was taking that the radio might need some restoration. Rich originally declined my offer but later came back and said the price I offered was OK. In his response to my email he even tried to say that he did me a favor by lowering the price for me. When in reality I have no illusion that he only agreed to my price because he did not get a higher offer.

    In this case be sure to also read the reviews from KE6RXE and KB2FCV on this forum and decide if you wish to take the chance on a transaction.

    John K3MA
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  2. KF2GG

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    Clearly John is quite upset over his own actions. I didn’t even advertise here, yet he chose to spew out his lies here. I sent him several pictures, gave an accurate description, he still lowered me down and I accepted. After being bumped around in the trunk of his wife’s car for 10 days, he even sent me an email expressing how happy he was when he received it!. Days later, after he was toying with it, he wrote to say he had it working. Days after that, he decided to complain about the appearance and wanted me to contact widow. Without further ado, this man needs help. His complaint is absolutely unfounded.
  3. K3MA

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    For anyone wishing to confirm my account of this transaction before purchasing from KF2GG I have the entire transcript of the email exchange and the original listing and photo graphs which I will be happy to provide. In rebuttle to KF2GG posting.
    There was a email explaining the issues, pointing out the description was over stated and asking for information on the history. No request for refund or compensation was made. See email below. There was never a trunk for the radio to bounce around in for 10 days. He seems to forget the vehicle was a SUV. He would not know it but the radio was taken out of the SUV and stored in the house for the duration of the trip. I contacted him with a email explaining the issues as soon as I had a cord to power the radio. I did not ask him to contact the widow I asked what he knew or could find out about the history. Below is the text from that email and his response. The original ad description is also provided below. My only point here is that you should not expect any after sales support from KF2GG and be sure you do not assume anything about the condition of the item or trust him to describe it correctly.

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