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Kevin Mitnick is good for amateur radio

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KB1JCY, Dec 31, 2002.

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  1. N0PU

    N0PU Guest

    SY: Not to was all in fun and we were both just feeling 'froggy' ... no harm and we both have respect for our respective as well as the other fella's country... actually we were trolling each other just for the fun of it...
  2. KC9CNN

    KC9CNN Ham Member QRZ Page

    NOPU: I notice a strong similarity between you and Mr. Antolini from The Catcher in the Rye.  
    "However...In reading your posts here and in other threads, I seem to sense a lot of hate for so young a person." -- I think the only other post I was negative in was the other post about Mitnick.  Please clarify.  BTW, I was poking fun at Mitnick.  I have already said that Mitnick is a loser and that the FCC doesn't want him.
    KD5SCG:  The liberals control the media.  They don't presently control the executive or legislative branches because not as many liberals vote.  There are definitely more out there though.

    "I'd ask the Taliban on this one. They'd tell you it's pretty much luck of the draw whether you get badly injured or not. That's what makes it fun though."  -- KC9CNN "I'm sure that comment will be appreciated by every one of our service men and women who risked (and lost)  their lives to remove them." -- KC5NYO  
    Give me one example of a US solidier who has been beaten with a brick.  You're the one that brought it up too (sorry for sounding childish=).  

    "Oh, I can assure you, I'm as conservative as they get. What was that you told ka8ncr? Oh yes...... There you go again with your uninformed assumptions and generalizations."

    KC5NYO:  I didn't necessarily say that you are liberal.  What was that you told KC9CNN? Oh yes...... There you go again with your uninformed assumptions and generalizations.  (me sounding childish again)  It's all subjective about political stances anyways.

    I have read everyone's posts, but have kept the reply short for KD4AMG's sake.
  3. N0PU

    N0PU Guest

    CNN: I'll take that as you thinking I was trying to be helpful in a 'clumsy old man' sorta way... and at that I'll say thanks and you're welcome.

    Basically I made the comment I did because I was concerned about someone so young being so violently against Mitnick. When it all came down in the end what Mitnick did was just a piece of sand among a whole beach of breaches in security. He ended up being the scapegoat because the AT&T people had the deep pockets to do something about it. All the others went free for reasons I previously stated. And he never was convicted of anything other than misuse
    of a telephone line and even that, if I remember right, was on a plea bargain. AT&T and others just wanted to panic the public into thinking they were the underdog in this... it worked. But what they really were was totally
    incompetent in securing their own valuable data. It was so available they could have printed it in the newspaper and it would have been less read.

    All of the breakins that occured during this time period were actually projecting what was coming. I run several linux servers over here and I get attacked ( well, I get 'tested' ) about 75 to 100+ times a day. These are
    just little 'pecks' at the door. I get a good size attack perhaps once a month. And I'm a nobody server. I can imagine what the pentegon's logs look like.

    What Mitnick did was make us all a lot more aware of our surroundings and that we are vulnerable. And THAT pisses people off....they don't like to feel vulnerable. They like to be in their nice little safe 'womby' homes. Well
    folks that ain't the real world. That 'bad' neighborhood you wouldn't drive through all these years is coming to a computer near your living room.

    OK, I'll get off my soapbox.

    Be Well & 73
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