Kester Surface Mount Solder Paste, Kester NXG1, 1 Pound Jar, Sealed

Discussion in 'General Merchandise' started by KB1UYS, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. KB1UYS

    KB1UYS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here a factory sealed, 1 pound jar of Kester NXG1 surface mount solder paste. It has never been opened and always stored at the factory-specified refrigeration temperature. Surplus from my SMT assembly business. A customer requested this specific solder and issued a firm PO so I ordered the paste. Two weeks later the client reshuffled project priorities and retracted the PO. (First time I've had a paper PO retracted in 12 years. May sand fleas infest their crotches.) I got stuck holding a jar of solder paste that is not my standard preference, which I have plenty of. It needs to go before it gets old and has to be tossed.

    The expiration was in May 2017 but this is a robust, modern paste that performs perfectly well far beyond it's rated expiration date. I would consider it fresh and functional well into 2018.

    I've used NXG1 several times before and it stencils great using a manual process. Reflow is smooth and not finicky. These new pastes in the last 10 years are magic compared to solder pastes back in the day where if you just looked at them cross-eyed they would slump and ball-up during reflow.

    Techni-Tool price is $85 but they insist that it be shipped Next-Day FedEx so it spends the least amount of time as possible out of refrigeration. This typically adds $80 to the price for shipping. So this is actually a $165 jar of premo solder paste that still has a fair amount of storage life left.

    Further tech data at:

    The paste absolutely must be stored refrigerated. If your wife won't let you put this in your food refrigerator, or you don't have a means to keep this paste cool like a garage or dorm refrigerator, please do not buy it. It will spoil on you and you won't be happy. The paste is basically in suspended animation while chilled but I give it less than a month at room temperature or above.

    $30 shipped, USPS. Money order or Paypal. (No S&H Green Stamps, sun-dried fish, wampum beads, etc.)



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  2. KF5FEI

    KF5FEI Ham Member QRZ Page

    So, lead-free, then?
  3. KB1UYS

    KB1UYS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Stenciling and reflow characteristics are identical to the Kester lead-bearing EP256 paste that I use. It was for a customer doing engineering contract work for a behemoth three-letter international company that has a Green policy because of their EU ties. Lead-bearing or lead-free, it's more of an environmental choice now with the newest generation of pastes because they're so robust in both versions.

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