Kenwood VFO-230 Tuning Issue

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by KE0EP, Sep 3, 2019.

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  1. KE0EP

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    Power up TS-830 first, then the VFO-230. Both external and internal displays jump to 14.000 (0.0 on external VFO). When I spin the encoder, the frequency increases (not smooth, jumps and hesitates) REGARDLESS of which direction encoder is turned. The rig's VFO and external VFO are tracking ok.

    Removed the encoder assembly from the 230, checked and cleaned. All connectors on PCB cleaned and re-seated.

    First time seeing this problem.
  2. KE0EP

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    Figured it out. The encoder has two gain pots off the op amps, one for INCREASE and the other for DECREASE frequency signals. Just had to balance them so both have effect on tuning circuit.

    Works great!
  3. KE0EP

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    Honestly, I was thinking to myself, "What would Mark RKL suggest?" and figured he'd point me to the schematic and description--and this is what was done.

    Thanks, Mark W5RKL!
  4. W5RKL

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    Good job. You're right I would have pointed you to the manual and schematic which is why i often say
    don't try to troubleshoot a problem without the service manual which has the schematic.

    Mike W5RKL
  5. KE0EP

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    Oops..I meant to type Mike. Sorry.
  6. KE0EP

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    Have a friend named Mark.

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