kenwood ts-870 w2ihy settings

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by M0ABG, Jul 12, 2018.

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  1. M0ABG

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    Good morning all fellow hams,i could do with some help on setting up the eqplus and the 8 band aduio equalizer and noise gate.
    I have emailed julius and he has told me some base settings,which i have tried and the audio reports have been very good, i am using audio technica pro 31 vocal mic which works very well with the ts-870.
    If any one has any settings for rag-chew and dx for the w2ihy please let me know
    best regards
    andy powell
  2. WE4E

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    It's all going to depend on the combination of the radio, the mic, the room you're in and your voice to determine the best settings. You may just have to fiddle with it, and have someone whose station and ears you trust. And remember, if you ask five people, you'll get eight opinions.

    And I also wouldn't worry about ragchew versus dx settings. Get something that works with your particular situation, and ride it. If you're already getting good reports, I'd say you're nearly there. The enemy of good is better.

    One thing I will tell you, that eq has a TON of gain/cut in each band. As in ±16db. That's a lot of gain, and you can very easily massacre the mic input to the radio. So little changes are your friend. Generally, you'd prefer cuts to boost if you can help it. Keep tabs on your ALC while you're doing the adjustments.

    And I'm generally not a fan of the noise gate because it's pretty severe, but if you're inclined to run VOX, especially with a headset, it can be your friend.
  3. W9RAC

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    Firstly and most importantly be certain to set up you mic gain pot and output on the bottom of the unit correctly, if those are not correct nothing else in the audio chain will be. Start with it, then do not use the noise gate if possible, it will draw attention to background noise when it goes quite. Then set up your mic gain properly on rig, now EQ, 8 band settings, start here, 1 to 8, lowest freq is first here......... 1 +14 2. +8 3. +4 4. 0 5. 0 6. +4 7. +12 8+14 Start there, see what happens. Try to make adjustments at first with 3,4,5 slides by going DOWN. Trying to set up your own audio will prove to be less that effective by listening to the monitor feature. If possible, have a buddy help you on air, you will need a good signal for him to listen to. You will soon find that everyone you ask will have a different opinion, so you will always be adjusting it. Don't ask. If someone volunteers a compliment about you audio, listen. Your always going to have the hard core complaining your to bassy, to wide, to this, too that, so just go with the flow and enjoy your compliments...which is how you will know you have done a good job with your EQ. RAC
  4. WE4E

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    RAC, I would not under any circumstances suggest 14db of audio gain on any frequency. If you truly need that, you've got other concerns. It will really do a number on the mic input on the radio.

    I will completely agree that monitor feature on the radio is of very limited help. It's there basically to provide sidetone if you're wearing a headset or earphones. And yes, always try cutting a problem frequency rather than boosting. Sometimes that takes a better ear to hear however. And yes, listen to remarks about your tx audio. A good friend of mine says, "You don't always know you have mayonnaise on your nose if your date doesn't tell you."
  5. W9RAC

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    Been doing audio for a long time, a long time. Currently running RE320/Shure SM7b, PR40, RE27, Kenwood SDXVM 33, Kenwood ts 850/dsp100, and a full rack. I have been up and down the W2IHY gambit, and the EQ Plus also, I know Julius well. I have had the 870 and many others for testing. I did not mention however that the results will not be steller with the TS870 without mods. I do not know what audio experience you have had? Maybe I can learn something also. As I said, its a start. 73 Rich
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  6. WE4E

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    Yeah, same here. We can compare notes offline if you like. I run a Sennheiser MD-421 into a Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic200 preamp, TC Electronic Finalizer 96k, Alesis Quadraverb through a custom level/impedence match box to the FT-1000d. (The Quadraverb is in bypass 99% of the time, as I only use it occasionally on AM.) Radio is stock except for the Inrad ssb filters.

    I have no idea why Julius provided 16db of gain in that eq. I've heard more jacked up distorted radios at the hands of one of those. He makes nice equipment, and I do like the EQ Plus, but dang. With the 1k band at 0db and any of the other sliders, especially the 80 or 160 is at +14, you can be just about assured that the mic input on the radio is getting driven into clipping or nearly so, not to mention what it's doing to the modulator.:eek:

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