Kenwood TS-590S Display is Blurry. Any Fix?

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by N4DKR, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. KA5IPF

    KA5IPF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just as a note don't use a "soft" cleaning cloth. It will leave fine scratches. Use a microfiber cloth made for glasses.
  2. G4COE

    G4COE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry I 'boobed'.... maybe I should have explained better, a cotton cloth is a no no.

    Thanks Cliff, you've saved the day.

  3. KE0DM

    KE0DM Ham Member QRZ Page

    The glass is easy to get too, you have to take the top and bottom panels off then the front comes off just push the glass out from the inside, refer to the service manual
  4. KA5IPF

    KA5IPF Ham Member QRZ Page

    You're welcome. I learned it the hard way and had to replace a display on a customers radio. Don't ask about cleaning the front panel of a TS950SDX with window cleaner.
  5. G4COE

    G4COE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Don't mention that stuff.....! I was a bench engineer in the good ol radio cassette days, had a music center with a fault those things that had a cassette, record player and radio in the 70's, after the repair I thought I'd be a good little chappie and clean the display I used Windolene, the pink creamy stuff not the clear stuff... it made it even blurry - never again.

    And.... that little pocket radio with a 'dodgy' volume control in my very early day's, Radio Spares switch cleaner, came in a tin with a spout - yeah ya' got it Carbon tetrochloride!

    A little drop did it.... the darn case vanished!!!!!


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