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Kenwood TM-D710G - OmniRig control (basic)

Discussion in 'Rig Control, Prop., Cluster, & Other Software' started by K5URU, May 5, 2017.

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  1. K5URU

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    Hello again, friends,

    I put together an INI file that enables programs which use OmniRig to perform some basic manipulation of the Kenwood TM-D710G and related radios (TM-V71A, TM-D710A, etc.) and I wanted to share it here. I plan to use it to help automate logging when making simplex FM contacts during tropo events, etc, and to have an additional frequency display on my computer monitor. I've tested it with Log4OM and it seems to work well. This file also works well in parallel with a digital interface to handle basic CAT controls (besides PTT) during digital mode work. Perhaps there are other applications (like satellite tracking software) where you may find this useful. Please let me know if you do!

    If you need help modifying this file to adjust any of the parameters (like tuning step, tones, etc) for a certain type of software, I'd be happy to help.

    This INI file will allow programs that use OmniRig to do the following:
    - Read current frequency of both VFOs
    - Change frequency of both VFOs
    - Read which of the VFOs is currently active
    - Set either of the VFOs to active
    - Trigger the microphone for TX/RX.
    - NOTE: TX does not accept audio from the data port; only microphone audio.

    - This INI file is limited to the normal FM mode only - no AM or NFM
    - Setting frequencies through programs will result in simplex configuration (no repeater offsets, no tones, etc).
    - Frequency changes initiated by computer programs are limited to the current band - to change to a frequency outside of the current band (i.e. from 2m to 70cm), you'll have to manipulate the radio directly.
    - This file doesn't play nice if you change only the CTRL indicator from one VFO to the other. It's best to keep PTT and CTRL on the same VFO.

    Note for TM-D710A/G users: Make sure the PC cable is connected to the main transceiver, not the control head.

    To use the INI file, simply download the text file from this post, rename it to "TM-D710G.ini", then save it to the Rigs folder in your OmniRig installation folder (typically "C:\Program Files (x86)\Afreet\OmniRig\Rigs"). After adding the INI file, all programs using OmniRig must be temporarily closed, then reopened, in order for OmniRig to add the TM-D710G to the list of available radios. After selecting the file in OmniRig, of course, you'll have to set the COM port, speed, etc, to match your radio settings. Let me know if you need any help.

    Any feedback (positive or negative) is welcome. Thanks and have fun!

    Blake K5URU

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  2. K6JTH

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    Thank you. This is a good start at getting Omni-Rig and SDR Console to talk.

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