Kenwood tk2300 vhf radio on 2m ham? Yes or no

Discussion in 'VHF/UHF - 50Mhz and Beyond' started by KG7HVR, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. KG7HVR

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    Im trying to see if these radios can be programmed for 146.520 simplex or something useful.
    I downloaded the kpg120d software but i dont know what to put in for serial number. It was on a site called hamfiles.
    Anyway i have more older kenwood pro talk vhf radios that are the predecessor to this one. If anyone know if i can actually make this work that would be great.
  2. KG7HVR

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    not sure if this was the right section to post. someone let me know.....
    also i have 3 kenwood tk2100 radios that came with the tk2300vhf all are programmed to same deal
  3. WB2WIK

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    You might try posting this on the repeaterbuilder website to see if anyone has converted these to 2 meters.

    It seems their factory programmed channels are all in the 150+ MHz range with no options to go outside that; but hams are hackers and somebody might have the trick.

    If you find out you can do it, come back and let everyone know! These older Kenwood handhelds are pretty rugged and all over the place -- I see them at our local Swap Meets for $10 each sometimes, "working," but not converted to the ham band. They do have programmable CTCSS (PL) tones but no frequency offsets, so I guess if we could get them working on 2m, it would be for simplex only -- unless "somebody" discovered a way to create a frequency offset program.
  4. KG7HVR

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    It did let me input the simplex frequency regardless of the out of band warning. On guy on hamfiles Website said his btech boafeng cable worked to program the radio, he also said it has the ftdi chip. Mine are prolific and probably clones and didnt work.
    I took some screen shots. But those are using dos box running the tk2100 software. I hear all you need is a serial cable pc and the kenwood cable, a usb will not work in dos. The software for the tk2300 is similar but not dos

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  5. KG7HVR

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  6. K9STH

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    I have not programmed any Kenwood mobile / base station equipment. However, I have programmed a few Kenwood repeaters. The programming software that I have (Kenwood furnished) let me program the repeaters even though a notation that the frequency was "out of band". After programming, the repeaters worked fine for 2-meters.

    Glen, K9STH
  7. KG7HVR

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    Yeah both software let me. Ill need a cable first
    Thanks Glen youre a man of many hats i see :)
  8. KE4VNC

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    serial1=directserial realport:com1

    replace com 1 with usb #
  9. KG7HVR

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    That was the wrong radio. Tk2100. I am working on that also. That is actually dos running in dos box

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