For Sale Kenwood 480 FT8 Digital Station

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KP4AJ, Mar 15, 2019 at 2:20 AM.

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  1. KP4AJ

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    Upgraded my station to a Kenwood 590SG and I am selling my Kenwood 480SAT in combination with ther DIGITAL stuff. I upgraded the radio to the Kenwood 590SG in preparation for the 2019 Sporadic season as the 6M is my preferred band. Most of my Ham Radio time have been spent working and monitoring the 6M band. I upgraded first the antenna and have an InnovaAntenna 6 el LFA MAX waiting to be installed. I am moving into contesting (first experience 2019 RTTY and JAN VHF) and need a higher capability rig. Also, don’t like the idea of having the 480SAT collecting dust and selling it could help neutralize my wife complaint for the new radio purchase.


    The Kenwood 480SAT was purchased new in 2014 from HRO. Radio is in working condition and I have made several hundred’s QSO testing several bands before offering for purchase. Since January 2019, I have achieved WAS and DXCC for 40m, WAS for 80m is almost done (need HI and AK), also made huge progress for the 15m WAS.

    As rookie I worked WAS, DXCC, VUCC, WPX with the Kenwood 480SAT which have been my first and only HF rig. In summary, I am very satisfied with the Kenwood 480SAT performance. But is time to move forward… I have regular job so I work the hobby at nights, on weekends, holidays and on vacations. Also it is important to state that I am non-smoker.


    First, want to point out, the Kenwood 480SAT was used for DIGITAL communications 99% of the time. Radio buttons with very limited usage, as I control it from PC (WSJTX). Second, the radio has a TXCO-S3 (compatible) installed. I installed the SO3-TCXO compatible because the Kenwood drift its signal (particularly in 6m). This is well documented through the internet. The SO3-TCXO compatible unit installation followed instructions presented available at YouTube. That explains why you see two transistors cut if you open the radio case. Third, the radio housing have two damages which have nothing to do with radio operability. The damages were caused because broken bots. My bad for using a faulty screwdriver (see photos).


    Damaged 2 side of radio:


    This happen in January before installing the SO-3TCXO compatible crystal. Finally, Antenna 1 pigtail was replaced more than a year ago. The Antenna 1 was not working, and the culprit was the cable.

    As a positive note the pigtail replacement was easy. After that I use Antenna 1 for Buckmaster OCF Dipople (HF) and Antenna 2 for the Cushcraft Tribander (6M). All QSO’s made at the HF bands in the last year have been through the pigtail cable that was replaced. The radio power cables have anderson power pole terminals installed.


    · KENWOOD 480SAT (with original MIC)
    · MB - 480
    · TIGERTRONICS USB (plus mod)
    · Rt Systems USB
    · USB cable with ferrites


    · AS IS
    · No original box
    · No manual
    · No returns
    · Will ship insured CONUS (No ship to AK, HI or International).


    1- Operate the radio in SPLIT mode, it was recommended to me (WSJTX Development List).
    2- IF after changing band, power indicator seems low, remember to TUNE (AT button) the band.
    3- REMEMBER FT8 requires UTC clock difference not more 1.5 seconds (between stations). If you notice no stations decoded but received (waterfall) make sure you clock is UTC set.
    4- After doing several consecutive TX, radio FAN activates, and sound is somehow loud.
    5- My setting SIGNALINK buttons used as shown in photo.
    6- My WSJTX Kenwood settings are shown in photo.
    7- A broken pixel is observable when in split mode last digit (to the right).
    8- Radio was operated as base radio, never mobile.
    9- Radio firmware is 1.06 I see no reason to update to 1.07.

    During past days when I decided to sell the radio, I have worked Thailand, Singapore, West Malasia and many other entities. Also, have completed 40m WAS, 40M DXCC and have almost 80M WAS (pending AK and HI) among several QSO. Also, 15M WAS near completion (43 states). All this mostly within the past weeks. To me best knowledge, the Kenwood 480 is in good shape. The radio is noisy radio when fan activates. Well thank you for reading, have tried to provide the most precise and complete information about the Kenwood 480SAT FT8 Station.



    Contact email: edfeljose at


    Will ship inside a "briefcase" I have collecting dust but will have better use protecting the radio. Briefcase will be shipped inside a box with the appropriate protection. Radio and stuff have already packaged ready to ship.

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  2. KP4AJ

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    Enclosed please find additional photos:

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  3. KP4AJ

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    Hi All:

    Here below is a mix of several videos I made with the 480SAT some days ago. It provides another information about the radio.

    Also, enclosed a photo of the SO-3. Finally, price dropped to $500 plus shipping and handling $50, new total Price $550. Offer will be available until March 22, 2019. By that day, is there is no buyer, will keep the radio for Field Day or other community outreach events.



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