KDKA's 100th anniversary special event

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WC3O, Sep 25, 2020.

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  1. WC3O

    WC3O XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    2020 is broadcast pioneer KDKA’s 100th anniversary. To celebrate this great milestone there will be a month-long special event operation put on by multiple Western PA clubs! Look for special callsigns K3A, K3D and K3K. Also, look for special callsign W8XK – KDKA’s callsign before it was KDKA! There will be portable operations from Saxonburg, where it all started. Operators will be operating right next to one of the original tower piers! There are great special QSL cards and a certificate if you work all four callsigns. QSL information will be posted on the respective callsign QRZ pages. KDKA 1920s logo.jpg
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  2. KR3DX

    KR3DX Ham Member QRZ Page

    The special event stations will be on the air from November 1 thru November 30, 2020. Frank Conrad's amateur callsign was 8XK, later assigned the "special amateur" callsign of 8ZZ, eventually to become KDKA.

    Detailed history is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDKA_(AM)
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  3. W0DAS

    W0DAS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Wow! So looking forward to this event. Congratulations KDKA! I was first licensed as a novice in 1974 and lived just east of Pittsburgh, grew up listening to Bob Prince call the Pirates games during the late 60s and early 70s on a 6-transistor radio. Wonderful!
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  4. KM4YXL

    KM4YXL Ham Member QRZ Page

    congratulations KDKA.... I'm from Bloomfield, in Pittsburgh. I listened to Frank DiNardo weather .
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  5. W9WQA

    W9WQA Ham Member QRZ Page

    from kittanning. as a kid listened to ? rege kordig and his space friends the kordikrons. it was hilarious. seems each morning the tiny space ship landed briefly on his window sill. i still laugh sick thinking of him...

    btw read the history, its a fun , interesting read...
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  6. N4AEE

    N4AEE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I grew up in Butler, PA and remember listening to the Pirate's games on KDKA sitting on my Uncle Chuck's front porch.
  7. N8NOE

    N8NOE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I Have Listened to KDKA for MANY years, Family is all from PITT area..
  8. WA3DOG

    WA3DOG Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    What great memories I have listening to Bob Prince (the Hoover man) call the Pirates games. Lived in Port Vue for 18 years.
  9. KI5SF

    KI5SF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I listened to clear channel KDKA as a boy in Oklahoma during the 1960's.It was a very strong signal at night on 1020. Congratulations,KDKA,on 100 years !
  10. N4JGO

    N4JGO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Congratulations with a smile of remembrance to KDKA. As a boy I lived with my Grandparents in the 50's. Almost every night Grandma had the old Philco humming to Ed and Wendy King on a broadcast called Party Line.
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