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KC9HJX Introducing..

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by KC9HJX, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. KC9HJX

    KC9HJX Guest

    It's a Toshibe Satellite 75MHz, I used to use it for MDC ID voting on my repeater, just as an experiment. Most of the Motorola Stuff is from HamFests, and trades/sales from people on BatLabs+HamSexy. Yes, it is not cheap.

    The laptop on the right is a P4 Custom, in a Dell Case. AMD64 1meg ram, 80gb HD, running Knoppix STD Distro. There are 4 custom built machines of mine in the closet, 2 of which run as servers, and another as a server for my house network that I setup (My Documents and others, mainly), and another one for NOAA Radar/Lightning Tracker. The Desktop running on the floor to the right, with it's monitor on the left, is used for QSO Logging/Radio Programming, and the one on the shelf on the left is used for varioius alignment stuff.
  2. KC0KBH

    KC0KBH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why don't you set up a WX pager system in your area, on 440 MHz? Paging terminals, like my Zetron, can be bought for a couple bucks on eBay.

    Stupid question-
    I've never understood what repeater voting is. What is it? [​IMG]
  3. KC9HJX

    KC9HJX Guest

    Well, as far as MDC is concerned, well, first of all, if you listen to police, and you hear kind of a "Sqwack" data sound, that is MDC, proprieitary (sp?) to Motorola radios. ANYways, that decodes as a 4 digit number, with letters A-E in it, and FFFF would be an all-call. Well, some friends of mine have moto's, so I setup the repeater so that only someone with a Registered ID can bring up the repeater, so, if you were to TX with a MDC ID that wasnt registered, or none at all, the repeater would not acknowledge your signal, and not transmitt it, either.

    Also, my Moto base radios have QC II, Data, Digital, MDC and Voice paging built-in, heh, so there's no need for a Zetron. Just flip to the channel you want to page on, hit menu>radio call>selective call> and the signalling tones you want. I have some cheap Motorola POS pager sitting around here that I got from the local SkyWarn group, and a few 800mhz ones that can inter-connect with one of my 800mhz base radios, but I only have 15w on 800, so it would not be effective.
  4. KC0KBH

    KC0KBH Ham Member QRZ Page

    The old Advisors seem to be build well. The Advisor Elites appear to be cheap crap. I've got an Advisor Pro, that is built as heavy duty as my old Bravos, which seem to be able to really take a beating. [​IMG]
  5. KC9HJX

    KC9HJX Guest

    Eh, paging really wouldn't do me any good....

    If I receive a page of Severe Weather in the area, chances are, I can already see/hear it outside, or I've already been informed of it prior that day via NOAA Forecast. If I'm not in an area where I have access to a TV/WiFi spot, well, then I'm either too far away from shelter (outside), which in that case I would have more to worry about than a dinky little pager. And if that was the case, 440 wouldn't travel that far to get the page out to the pager in my pocket, and, if it were, I would already be outside.....thus being able to see/hear weather changing in the area, eliminating the need for a pager, once again.

    Things may be different as they are in your circumstances, however.
  6. KC0KBH

    KC0KBH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Four wheeler is dead. My guess is, that it broke the connecting rod. I've already had that dang engine apart to replace the valves, when I bought it, since one broke off. I parked it in the driveway, earlier today. Started it up, and noticed it made a knocking noise at first, that it never made. I disregarded it. It made that noise, again, a few hours later, when I started it up. I just started it again, about 10 mins ago, to put it in the shed. It died after about 5 secs, with no compression. I heard a rumbling noise when I would press the starter button. I looked in the cylinder with a flashlight, and the piston wouldn't move when I turned it over. This stupid thing is going to cost me a good $100; more like $300, if I buy Kawasaki parts from a dealer. The engine is 21 years old, so I'm not real surprised. It must have over 10000 miles on it. Dang!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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