Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by W5KRM, Nov 14, 2002.

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  1. W5KRM

    W5KRM Guest

    Bought a used receiver from this loser with the understanding that the unit was to arrive in proper operating and functional status.  What I received was a unit that doesn't work, doesn't look as though it ever has worked.  Received the usual excuse "shipment damage".   Container wasn't mashed, crushed, etc.  I had instructed him to remove the tubes and pack them separately,and double box.  What I received, was a thin walled boxed unit, tubes not removed, and when powered up, didn't work.  He told me that he had wrapped the tubes with packing, yet, when the box was opened, there wasn't any packing or wrapping around any of the tubes. Further more, he told me that he had checked the unit out and it was verified by "others" that it worked that the controls were all clean, etc. Upon inspection, it appears this thing has never worked. The volume control is so scratchy and intermittent, it will require replacement. As to the tubes, I have no idea where I will locate them and then pay through the nose to replace them (may not fix the problem anyway). He tells me that the tubes are "cheap" and that I can get them from XX Company. Why would someone buying something working want or need to pay additional monies to repair something? The Seller should be doing that. I even offered to keep the thing if he would get a tube set and send it to me. His answer? "I can not accept responsibility for what seems to
    shipping damage to a tube." (how can that be determined and you being the shipper, you have the responsibility to correct the situation, not pass the buck).

    Contacted this clown and was told I could go buy parts for it to get it going, etc.  I informed this lid that the stipulation was the unit was to work upon receipt and if not, would be returned.  I told him I want to return it and he gives me some story that he is hard up for money.  I suppose what that means is regardless of what he sells, it doesn't have to meet any standards, only he should get money and screw the buyer in the process.  I am following up with filing an internet fraud compliant on this jerk.  What a loser.  One has to wonder if his wife/kids know what type of character (or lack thereof) they are living with and what he does on the internet swap boards during the day when they are obviously away from the house.  Makes one wonder.
    In any event, don't purchase anything from this guy.  There is no telling what you will actually end up with. Due to the amount of money involved, I am told that the case/complaint will receive some serious attention.

    I should have done what his call suggests;  CYA:  Cover Your XXX!

    Just wanted to pass along this warning so others aren't conned by this thief! [​IMG]
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