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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. N3MVF

    N3MVF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Several months ago, I wrote to Hollingsworth to clean the whole group up. The whole thing is a disgrace to amateur radio.  But, many of these guys are hypocrites. This winter, I hear one of the vocal K1MAN critics on 146.52 FM simplex explaining how we should committ genocide against Arabs and then using the F word a few times......just because it's not on HF, I guess some of these guys feel it doesn't count.  

    This whole thing is bull from the get go.....the persuers are not much better then the persued!

    Riley...take the whole damn gang down on 20 meters and give radio back to those of us who consider it a hobby and not a lifestyle.
  2. K6CS

    K6CS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    HHHHhmmmnn, I wonder if his call is available for a "Vanity" yet?
  3. W0UZR

    W0UZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Holy CRAP !!

        Where did it look like I was  Hopping mad?  I'm not mad.  I was just trying to figure out how you were here and saw my station without me knowing it. That's all.
          I'm thinking, ("There must be something in what I wrote that made it look like I'm mad")  So I re-read my post, and I can't see it.  And the other quote wasn't even MINE, it was someone elses that already said that to you. I used it because it sounded like it fit.

         You said that about my station  and decided what it was without being here to see it, and You think I"m the awful person here?  Or think that  I'm mad?
       I'm not mad,,,,I'm not upset,,,,

              OK, now

           Settle down,,,,
               Settle down,,,

    Go open a window....Turn on some soft music....

         Sip on a nice tall ice tea....

       Now, Isn't that better?
  4. K6CS

    K6CS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    HHHHhhmmmm, with his call as a "Vanity", I would'nt have to worry about upgrading to CW, just "Phone!"
  5. KY5U

    KY5U Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well BOA, you shouldn't be so sensitive. There was no put down in my message, it simply stated "untested NCTs" referring to the ARRL plan to give free upgrades to General without taking Element 3. Before you get a complex going, read the entire chain from this link: http://www.qrz.com/ib-bin....l=ag4yo

    You won't have to read far. Start at page 1 and the punchline comes at page 3.

  6. KC7FLR

    KC7FLR Ham Member QRZ Page

    From what I've read, Gerritsen never got past NCT.
  7. M0RBD

    M0RBD Ham Member QRZ Page

    What's wrong with dipoles and peanut whistle's !?!
    I worked 95 countries using a peanut whistle and 5W within 3 months ..

    And when it comes to K1MAN .. yes i heard his transmission(s), and they sounded like a North Korean propaganda station.. just bashing others...  There's no doubt that the content was just hateful, selfabsorbed, can't hardly find it useful ..  

    So again .. What in the wide wide wide world o'sports is wrong with dipoles and peanut whistle's !!!

                                  // Mike
  8. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Greg Dober, N3MVF wrote:

    "This whole thing is bull from the get go.....the persuers [sic] are not much better then [sic] the persued [sic]!

    Riley...take the whole damn gang down on 20 meters and give radio back to those of us who consider it a hobby and not a lifestyle."


    Greg, K1MAN hasn't even been on 20 meters in months. And Greg, I'm confused... you are against K1MAN now, and you are also against the people who are against K1MAN?

    Correct me if I'm wrong Greg, but weren't you Baxter/Voron/IARN's point man, leading the effort in fact, gathering and delivering CB and Ham equipment for shipment to the Solomon Islands?

    Didn't you, in fact, even offer to cover the shipping costs? Or was it another Greg Dober (N3MVF) 109 Dinwiddie Drive New Kensington, PA 15068 USA Phone: 412-334-2376 that Sam Voron wrote about here on QRZ, back on November 24, 2002, at 16:44 in the afternoon?

    Sam asked American Hams to send YOU the donations for the IARN Peace Corp Foundation Solomon Islands Project so that YOU could ship them overseas didn't he? And didn't YOU serve IARN in that capacity until the project was exposed as a fraud?

    Many people in the Solomons suspected the communications equipment was actually intended for one of the two warring factions in the islands, either the Istabu Freedom Movement or the Malaita Eagles. Sound like football teams don't they? Except their equipment consists of machetes and machine guns, and of course, a lot of donated radios from duped Hams in the States and elsewhere.

    Factually speaking, Sam Voron and Glenn Baxter's IARN have already given support and communications equipment to Francis Ona's "Bougainville Revolutionary Army," and of course Sam still supplies communications equipment to the Somalian Warlord, Yusuf Ahmed.

    Yusuf Ahmed actually even became President after he refused to recognize the legitimately elected government in Somalia. Kind of typical in some of these war-torn countries. Lots of folks declaring themselves President for Life.

    Anyone see a pattern here? Wherever ethnic turmoil and bloodshed abound, Baxter's IARN has been there to "help."

    The whistle was blown on Baxter's Solomon Islands project by the UN Development Project Technical Advisor, David Leeming. The H44A website was taken down, the owner of the website apologized, several of the Solomons hams who were supposedly licensed turned out not to be licensed, and the whole "charity" disappeared in a puff of smoke and mirrors.

    Here's the way it happened...

    IARN Director, Sam Voron (VK2BVS) explains his long standing connection to the Solomon Island's People First Network:

    "Re your suggestion that i assist the people's first project. I am a volunteer for both the Amateur Radio Training School of the Solomon Islands and the Solomon Islands Rural Development Volunteers Association who man the people’s first network. The people’s first network E-mail station is set up in a few large communities where people have money to pay for the service. It is used for any kind of business and other communications... Last year I was pleased to present the first copy of the schools training material to RDVA and the People First Manager to show them thanks for their support of the school. I have also enjoyed looking at

    1. Their antenna SWR problems
    2. Their HF coverage problems
    3. Their Computer Noise problems."
    -Sam Voron VK2BVS

    Hmmm, that's not what People First says Sam. In fact, when I asked them via email, about your so-called involvement, they told me you were lying!

    The People First Network's David Leeming replies to Sam Voron's claims of association with the PF Network:

    "The Solomon Islands People First Network (PFnet) wishes to let it be known that it has no affiliation, association, or other type of partnership with Sam Voron, his network, the IARN or AARA, or any of his activities. PFnet disassociates itself entirely with any claims made to the contrary. PFnet is a Solomon Islands Government and NGO partnership sponsored by the UNDP and the governments of Britain, Japan, Republic of China and projects of the EU and AusAid through their local missions."

    For more information on PFnet and our organisational standing, please visit


    PFnet Technical Advisor David Leeming
    leeming@pipolfastaem.gov.sb <mailto:leeming@pipolfastaem.gov.sb>

    Edo Stork, ICT Thematic Analyst, UNDP
    Fiji Multi Country Office
    edo.stork@undp.org <mailto:edo.stork@undp.org>

    So before you start talking about hypocrites Greg, just maybe you ought to reveal your long-standing partnership and aid to Baxter's IARN and his Australian Director, Sam Voron. Otherwise Greg, people might start to get confused about where you stand.

    Greg made me remember another reason why we might all want K1MAN off the air. Without Baxter's infernal megaphone in Belgrade Lakes, he could never have asked for and received the donations of radio equipment that supplied the Bougainville Revolutionary Army. If more Hams had gotten involved and made complaints to the FCC back then, tens of thousands of lives might not have been needlessly lost.

    Happy Father's Day and God Bless the USA!

    73, K3VR
  9. W7FF

    W7FF Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    What is sad is that Mr. Baxter insults the amateur radio community by disregarding the rules and regulations, thumbs his nose at the FCC and then resorts to name calling. I have only one question, why has he attempted to drag the "Arabs" into this fracas? I would submit that a bold "no wonder the Arabs hate our guts so much" is far from the truth. It is pretty hard to develop sympathy for person who apparently only knows how to alienate people.
  10. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    K1MAN wrote: "No wonder the Arabs hate our guts."

    That was a weird reference from the King of all weird references wasn't it? To me, Baxter's response to the FCC's NAL sounds unbalanced and frankly bizarre. Someone else said it sounded like a legal brief authored by a jailhouse lawyer - a little mumbo jumbo and a lot of articles of the US Constitution.

    When Baxter wrote, "Heads will roll," in his editorial about the NAL, I wondered if that was a terroristic threat. That statement, combined with Baxter's pic sitting with the lion and the pic's caption about both of them awaiting Riley on his page makes me wonder even more. The only thing I'm sure of is that he's telling the truth when Baxter says he's mentally ill.

    From Baxter's infamous Nazi Editorial:

    " The counselor at first said there was very little wrong. Then she got the gist of me. She quit counseling. I swear to God. She closed her office for good. Am I sick? You bet I am, and I am quite proud to be mentally ill!"

    To be honest, I'm not sure we should read anything at all into Baxter's long-winded threats and incredibly boring diatribes. They only make sense to people who think the way he thinks.

    Thankfully, the adherents to the cult of K1MAN seem to be less and less vocal these days. Some of them are even conveniently forgetting they ever supported him in the first place! That's ok though, it's never too late to acquire a little common sense.

    73, K3VR
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