Just Worked France on 6.

Discussion in 'VHF/UHF - 50Mhz and Beyond' started by K2WH, Jun 13, 2019.

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  1. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    BTW although I can work FT8 or any digi mode with freeware...I don't.

    Nothing against it, it just requires keeping a light and a computer turned on and when I'm on the air I usually have neither turned on.

    Just me. Might change some time in the future, especially if condx get any worse!:p
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  2. WA8UEG

    WA8UEG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I thing on 6 meters it's great. I view FT8 as an awards mode the only thing different between FT8 on 6 and working a DXPedtion on 20 with SSB or CW for a ATNO is on 6 you will get an accurate report and it takes a couple minutes to complete versus 5 seconds. Last week I did not hear anything on 6 SSB or CW but on FT8 it was blowing up. Also, just because you decode a station doesn't mean your sure to make contact.

    I wonder if his contact was with F5FZB, I got him.

    WA8UEG WA9THI 2019-07-03 00:27:45 6M FT8 50.31463 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Details WA8UEG WA9TT 2019-07-03 00:20:15 6M FT8 50.31463 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Details WA8UEG WA3WLH 2019-07-03 00:17:15 6M FT8 50.31463
    Details WA8UEG K8OM 2019-07-03 00:12:16 6M FT8 50.31463 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Details WA8UEG K5CKS 2019-07-03 00:08:16 6M FT8 50.31463
    Details WA8UEG W5RYA 2019-07-02 23:52:45 6M FT8 50.31496
    Details WA8UEG N9RC 2019-07-02 23:42:45 6M FT8 50.31449 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Details WA8UEG CT7AQS 2019-07-01 20:57:31 6M FT8 50.31519 PORTUGAL
    Details WA8UEG VE9GJ 2019-07-01 20:51:15 6M FT8 50.31519 CANADA
    Details WA8UEG F5BZB 2019-07-01 20:42:15 6M FT8 50.31512 FRANCE
    Details WA8UEG EI3KD 2019-07-01 19:08:45 6M FT8 50.31511 IRELAND
    Details WA8UEG MW0ZZK 2019-07-01 19:07:15 6M FT8 50.31569 WALES
    Details WA8UEG K0DEQ 2019-07-01 17:42:16 6M FT8 50.31511 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Details WA8UEG K1USA 2019-06-30 15:04:00 6M FT8 50.31461 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Details WA8UEG PA2M 2019-06-30 13:26:45 6M FT8 50.31537
    Details WA8UEG DK1BN 2019-06-30 13:23:15 6M FT8 50.31433 FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY
    Details WA8UEG DF7EF 2019-06-30 13:15:46 6M FT8 50.31551 FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY
    Details WA8UEG CT1ILT 2019-06-29 20:20:45 6M FT8 50.31512 PORTUGAL
    Details WA8UEG N4MM 2019-06-29 14:39:30 6M FT8 50.31514 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Details WA8UEG KD2MZC 2019-06-19 21:13:02 6M SSB 50.31306
    Details WA8UEG CO8ZZ 2019-06-02 16:19:15 6M FT8 50.31446
  3. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I too much prefer CW.. however more and more have flocked to FT8 on 6 to the point where I don't hear much DX at all on CW. 160 still has a pretty decent mix of CW and FT8.
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  4. WQ4G

    WQ4G Ham Member QRZ Page

    I believe FT-8 is a fad. Eventually, people will grow tired of it and move on to another mode. After enough time the voice modes will become in vogue again.

    FT-8 contacts... what accomplishment. My machine talked to your machine. Woo hoo - I was eating lunch when I saw the line scroll by on my computer screen. Yep, FT-8, the epitome of Ham Radio...

    Thanks, but no thanks. I like to talk to people - not machines.

    Dan KI4AX
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  5. W2VW

    W2VW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    10 and 6 say a lot about each other when E skip is involved.

    Here's a shot of 10 meter reception from noontime here to Europe.

    Note: 99% of these signal levels would not support phone and almost as many would not support CW.

    According to some posters, I should just give up and stay off the air.

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  6. ND6M

    ND6M Ham Member QRZ Page


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