Just got back into ham radio

Discussion in 'Becoming a Ham - Q&A' started by KA6AIM, Feb 11, 2021.

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  1. KA6AIM

    KA6AIM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hello, I am studying for the Technician exam and the sample tests on this site are very helpful.

    I am a former Novice then Technician license holder from about 35 years ago and hope to get my old callsign back, KA6AIM.

    I almost Worked All States on CW back then at 5 WPM lol. The 13 WPM requirement at the time kept me from advancing to general class. Other interests took hold and I let my license expire.

    I probably jumped into equipment purchases a little prematurely. I bought a TS-820s that is supposed to work on RX but needs some work on TX. I also just picked up a TS-120 at an estate sale that I have not been able to test because I need to order a power cord for it. I plan to put up a dipole or vertical antenna and do some listening before I get licensed.

    The advances in technology from when I was licensed before are a little more than overwhelming but I guess that is the fun part of this hobby, learning new things and seeing where you fit in.

    Ken W
  2. WD4CHP

    WD4CHP Ham Member QRZ Page

    You might get a copy of Ham Radio for Dummies. It helped my wife whose radio knowledge was the on/off volumn and tuning knob. It is easy to catch up.
  3. KD2RDG

    KD2RDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Welcome back! I recommend taking the tech and general exams at the same time. You can do it!

    Read through the study books because they're interesting and useful.

    Use https://hamexam.org/ because it will make taking the test easy and less stressful.

    You can listen with a piece of wire if you're not ready to put up the dipole or vertical yet.
  4. AJ4GQ

    AJ4GQ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Not necessary. Just go take the test and welcome back.
  5. KP4SX

    KP4SX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Welcome back!
  6. KA6AIM

    KA6AIM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks to all for the comments and advice.

    I am consistently scoring 70-80% correct on the Technician class sample tests. The electronic part is not a problem, just need to brush up on band assignments, operating modes, etc.

    I bought the latest Gordon West General class study guide and I am about half way through that. I do plan on taking the Tech and General tests at the same time.

    I need to do some more research to find out if anyone is doing test sessions locally, (Northern CA).

    73, Ken W
  7. KA6AIM

    KA6AIM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks to Ric, KC5AKB for messaging me with info on FCC rules pertaining to expired licenses.

    I still have my original license dated 1985 so according to the rules I should get credit for the element 3 general test.

    I still need to take and pass the technician test but that shouldn't be a problem.

    I have signed up for a VE test session on April 10th in Stockton CA.

    73 Ken W
  8. N8RKD

    N8RKD Ham Member QRZ Page

    My wait for my new privileges was exactly 14 days between test and when it appeared in the FCC database. Hopefully your wait will be shorter.
  9. KA6AIM

    KA6AIM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Passed my Tech exam Saturday and with my expired old license I also got credit for the element 3 exam. I have already been issued a new General class callsign, KN6OKA.

    How do I change my username etc on this site?

    73 and thanks for the encouragement received here.

    Ken W
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  10. N0NC

    N0NC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Welcome back. Hope you get the TS-820 going again, I had one when I was in Hawaii (US Navy), and South Dakota, really nice receiver.
    On getting the call sign changed, drop a line to one of the administrators, like Dave @W7UUU to get the change done.

    73, Chuck

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