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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by K7GAF, Apr 14, 2020.

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  1. K7GAF

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    I am using JTDX 2.1.0-rc148 and there is something I can't find an explanation for in the documentation.

    In the Band Activity window, next to the messages, I can see the country of the station who sent the message. So far so good. However, before the country name is either
    (1) no symbol
    (2) an empty circle
    (3) a filled circle
    (4) an asterisk
    Further, the country is sometimes in bold but most often not.
    What do these symbols / the bold vs not bold country name mean?

    On the right side, in the Rx frequency window, I also see mostly a tilde (~) between the frequency and the message. Sometimes I do see other symbols, such as the at-sign (@). Here, too, I can't find an explanation.

    Anyone having an idea what these mean?

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  2. KD5RJZ

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    The circles indicate if the decode was real or a "hinted" decode, and I believe a star indicates the user doesn't use LOTW.

    It isn't mentioned in the documentation but it has come up on reddit a few times.
  3. KC2G

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    Symbol next to country:

    Star is "hint" decode (for FT8, this means it wouldn't have decoded without the "a-priori" information).
    Solid dot means that the sender uploads to LoTW.
    Hollow dot means that the sender uploads to LoTW *and* it was a hint decode.

    Symbol after the frequency denotes the mode. "~" is FT8, "#" is JT65, "@" is JT9, and I think it's "+" for FT4, I don't quite remember.

    Bold is a function of the highlighting — some of the things that set interesting colors also make the text in that line bold. The color ends before the country, but the bold doesn't. See the "Notifications" tab in settings.
  4. K7GAF

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    Awesome. Thank You!

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