JT9 - WOW! Very sensitive indeed!

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by W7UUU, Aug 18, 2014.

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  1. AA9G

    AA9G Ham Member QRZ Page

    Jim is your hex at full height now?
  2. N2ADV

    N2ADV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Not yet. Half way up-ish at about 17 feet. Testing a rebuilt rotator.
  3. K2GSP

    K2GSP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    JT-Alert adds so much to the mode. I really like the text message function as well as all the alerts.
  4. K5RCD

    K5RCD XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    An updated version of WSJTX is now available for download at http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/wsjtx.html

    It is Ver. 1.4 Beta. and was released yesterday. I've been running it for 24 hours now and it has not crashed like the earlier versions were prone to do. It has a few GUI and CAT improvements, but its excellent stability (compared to earlier versions) is the main improvement. It works well with JT AlertX too.

    Give it a try.
  5. KM4EAA

    KM4EAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    One of the things I have been trying is playing with the sliders on the sides of the WSJT interface. Seems like I get s better signal with the one on the left in just about the middle, the one on the right about 3/4 of the way to the top seems to give me a better signal for tx. Thats judging by what I see on psk reporter and hamspots. Downloaded jt alert today and it helps a lot with clearing out all the chaff. Just have to get it to stop highlighting calls Ive already worked. really like it though.
  6. AA9G

    AA9G Ham Member QRZ Page

    Those are your Rx and Tx gain sliders and yes in the middle is about where you want your Rx to be. For Tx you want it adjusted to the point of the radio going into compression then back it off a hair. 3/4 of the way is probably pretty close to that.
  7. W5BRM

    W5BRM Ham Member QRZ Page

    When you see a call in the callbox on JT Alert, right click and and get option to send txt msg from the drop down menu

    Last edited: Oct 9, 2014
  8. N7RJN

    N7RJN Ham Member QRZ Page


    It was a pleasure working you.

    Bob - N7RJN

  9. N2ADV

    N2ADV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I keep getting CAT Errors with my K3. I keep having to click "reconnect"
  10. W4US

    W4US Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you Dave, for starting such an interesting and informative thread. I'm pretty new to JT65 and JT9, and absolutely love it so far! Your enthusiasm has me ready to get the kids to bed early this weekend and try more low power JT9.

    Keep an eye out for KV4PI on your waterfall soon! Another bonus has been watching my LOTW confirmation rates rise from what I was seeing on SSB phone.

    Enjoyed the read.
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