JT9 Frequency Consensus

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by W6NT, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. W6NT

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    Sometimes JT65 signals will be seen on the JT9 waterfall or RTTY or whatever is operating on 14078. You should have a waterfall that goes from about 1000hz to 1700 or 1800hz. A JT9 signal can appear anywhere in that range. I could announce on the K3UK or Hamspots.org board that I will be CQing on 14078 @ 1310hz, this gives you a place to look for a signal. When you see a signal move the green cursor to the signal and wait for a decode. You may not always get a decode so you may have to keep up the process until you get one. The nice thing about the boards is you can communicate with the station you're trying to work. I did this with ZS6WN on the K3UK board and we finally made a complete contact. You can just monitor the waterfall or you can also call a CQ anywhere on the waterfall. Most stations seem to run 5 watts or less but I had to run more to work ZS6WN, depends on conditions, etc.
    I certainly am not an expert at JT9 and you'll get it once you work a couple of stations...and you'll send the wrong message by pressing the wrong button like we all have at one time or another.
    Also, look for W7YES on as he is in West Linn. Also, you can email me at w6nt@arrl.net if you have more questions

    I know Saratoga, CA as I grew up in San Jose and moved to Oregon in '94. That area was very nice 'back in the day'. I go down occasionally to visit my daughter and I'm good for about three days before I gotta get out...and get home to more sanity!

  2. W6TGE

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    Thank you. Yes, I hate going back there! At any rate, I will look on 14078 again. Do I keep TOL at 20? I have no issues with JT65, and even worked a few stations. OH JT9 waterfall is 1000 to 1800, but do I have to click anywhere to just listen? JT65 will get all "qso's" when I just listen. I can not transmit as I took my indoor dipole down and will put my R5 up in the spring.
  3. W7YES

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    Randy, I see the latest version of WSJT X has the 17m JT9 frequency listed as 18.104 600 -- I wonder where the 600 on the end came from ??

    Richard -- W7YES
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