JT65 and JT9 on 6 and 2 Meter Band

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KJ4TX, Mar 6, 2016.

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  1. KJ4TX

    KJ4TX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I fired up my IC-7600 this weekend for the first time since last Oct or Nov and tried 6 meters. Nothing close to me here in the PNW but I sent out a number of calls on JT65. I wondered up the bands and saw a little activity on 10 meters, made a JT65 contact with Argentina on 15 meters, saw activity on 17 and 20 but no answers.

    As usual I see more 6 meter activity on the Eastern side of the US than the PNW and when they had a sprint in our area last weekend I heard a number of locals on SSB and CW. Maybe 6 meters will wake up a little for the summer (if it can get through all the rain in the PNW).

  2. W6NT

    W6NT XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    Keep an eye on DXmaps.com for 6 meters, check daily and throughout the day.


    I have a PAR Electronics Moxon 6m antenna in the attic pointed east (live in HOA Community) and it works very well.
    I also do MSK144 on 50.280, simple once you do it a couple times. JT65 at 50.276 as stated before.

    Check DX Maps daily during the summer..

    Ashland, OR
  3. KJ4TX

    KJ4TX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Randy, I have DX Maps and PSK Reporter on my Firefox menu bar on several computers. I prefer PSK Reporter over DX Maps because I can see how far my JT CQ is going if there is anyone monitoring that I can reach. The problem is that most of the monitors are hibernating in the PNW right now so I may be reaching several hundred miles or more and I wouldn't know it.

    What I use to do during the slow periods is fire up my other radio (I have a IC-7600 and IC-746 PRO setup with SignaLinks), put the IC-746 PRO on a dummy load and send out CQ on JT65 while listening with my IC-7600 just so my balloon would pop up showing I was monitoring. Sometimes it worked and others would pop up as well. I asked the author a long time ago if there was a way or if something could be added to show a station in monitoring mode for when the bands are dead (or appear to be dead) but nothing came of it. As most of us know, a crowd draws a crowd and many people do just check PSK Reporter and when they don't see anything don't even try calling CQ.

    I plan on firing the station back up again over the 3 day weekend, so hopefully there is some activity going on.

  4. K3SUK

    K3SUK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I see this post is over a year old now... but.. wow has 6 meter JT65 really taken off this summer. Regularly working to the west coast from Virginia and also the Caribbean. 36 States confirmed on LOTW this season and 10 countries so far. Have heard some of the western European stations but have not worked them yet. the Pacific North West seems to be alluding me for some reason. Best 73s Jeff Kq4La (100 watts and 4 elem at 50 ft.)
  5. KA2CZU

    KA2CZU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    what band (or bands) are you working primarily?
  6. KJ4TX

    KJ4TX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, late spring and early summer have been pretty good so far. I've noticed that activity has really tapered off though. The band is open out to 1000 to 1600 miles but nobody is around. I was sending out CQ's on 6 meters this afternoon into the evening and hitting down to Southern Arizona (about 1200 miles South of me) and only made one confirmed contact and 3 that didn't finish. I may have contacted most of the JT operators on the west side of the US and I'm popping up as a "Already Worked" for them. :D

    Even when nobody is answering I still like to swing my antenna around and send out CQ's to see how far I'm getting and what signal level the monitoring station is seeing me at. Every once in awhile I'll turn my antenna westward and point it from Alaska to New Zealand in case there is some abnormal tunneling happening.

    I've been starting up MSK144 on 6 meters a few times and have received stations on it but I'm not sure if they were meteor scatter or direct receive though. I don't spend much time on MS though as it seems the east coast hams grab all of the rocks before they hit us on the west side. All they leave are the little tiny dust specks. :D


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