JT Alter Config file(s)

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by KB2E, Aug 16, 2018.

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  1. KB2E

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    OK, let me be as tactful as possible here. One of my many jobs was as a tech support person. RTFM or anything of the sort was never my answer and if it was I'd be fired.

    I run 2 computers. 1 in the shack, 1 remote. I run FT8 mostly remote. Why is not relevant, I do and remote desktop software is not an option I want to employ. I would like both computers JT Alter setups to be identical because I do occaionally run digital from the shack. So here's the question: Where is the config info located if it isn't written into the exe (why anyone would still do that is beyond me!!) and what is/are the names of the files?

    That's all. All I need is where and names. I don't need to be directed to the JT Alter forum as that place is like the rest fo the Linux heads forums, a total mess. All I need is a simple answer. If you don't know or think you must make a huge deal out of this please just remain silent.

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