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JS8Call 1.0 Officially Out

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KD5UFQ, Apr 1, 2019.

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  1. KD5UFQ

    KD5UFQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The V1.0 release is out:

    I have really enjoyed watching this as it was under development. It has so many capabilities and so much potential. The messaging, APRS, networking, reporting, and fun of the mode is really first rate.

    Kudos to Jordan and the testers. This is the first mode I am seriously considering dedicating a radio to full time.
  2. KN4CRD

    KN4CRD Ham Member QRZ Page

    JS8Call DE KN4CRD (v1.0.0)_434.png

    Hi Folks!

    A number of you have participated in the beta testing of the pre-release versions of JS8Call for some time now. Well, good news...JS8Call is finally out of it's initial development and version 1.0 has been publicly released:

    What is JS8Call & JS8?

    JS8Call is an experiment to test the feasibility of a digital mode with the robustness of FT8, combined with a messaging and network protocol layer for weak signal communication on HF, using a keyboard messaging style interface. It is designed to connect amateur radio operators who are operating under weak signal conditions.

    JS8 is a mode with the freedom to transmit arbitrary length free-text messages using an adaptive text compression scheme (15-18 wpm average, > 20+ wpm on some messages).

    The software also includes:
    • Callsign list that shows which callsigns you can hear and which can hear you.
    • Directed message structure to allow messages to you to be received anywhere in the passband.
    • Directed commands to request specific information from other stations (like their GRID).
    • Message relays (use a series of intermediate stations to relay a message to a destination)
    • Store-and-forward message inbox that allows messages to be left at intermediate stations to be retrieved later.
    • Band hopping based on a schedule.
    • Time drift controls for synchronizing to other stations when no other time source is available.
    • Macros with text replacement for SNR, GRID, and other information.
    • An API for other applications to integrate dynamic message sending (think, Chess, ARQ, Forms, Geolocation, etc)
    • Spotting of station locators to PSKReporter, HamSpots, APRS-IS, and JS8NET.
    • And is open-source (GPL) and free to use and/or modify.

    If you've been interested in trying JS8Call, but didn't want to have to sign up for the or upgrade frequently while in development, now is your time. The 1.0 release is a solid foundation for weak signal communication and I hope that you enjoy using it.

    If there's anything you need, feel free to email me Happy to answer any questions you might have in the meantime.


    Jordan / KN4CRD
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
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  3. EA4BPN

    EA4BPN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Jordan

    Thanks for the public release. Finally everyone who wish can give a try to this new mode.

    73, Rafael
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  4. G3SEA

    G3SEA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Another innovative tool in the Ham Tool Box :cool:

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  5. KA2IRQ

    KA2IRQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Feature list looks awesome! Can't wait to try it!

    Software/modes like this are a godsend to us apartment dwellers... THANK YOU to all of the developers and beta testers!
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  6. KE0HAO

    KE0HAO Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I think I would have planned for a April 2nd release... My first instinct was that this was a joke.
    Great news though! thanks!
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  7. W1WWA

    W1WWA Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Works great and best part you can have a conversation sort of like PSK.... hope more try this mode, I have enjoyed it the last 3 months.
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  8. KN4CRD

    KN4CRD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I also did a presentation about JS8Call to my local club if you'd like to learn more before jumping in:

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  9. KY5U

    KY5U Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    @KN4CRD good presentation. My only critique is: listen to it and count the "uuh" occurrences. This mode would very useful for emergency situations where someone may have a compromised set-up and need to get a message out. Very good work and hope the baby is doing great!
  10. WU1N

    WU1N Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for your hard work, Jordan! JS8 is top notch. Those who have been waiting for the GA, prepare to be amazed!
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