James Waldburger, KG6GBY

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by N5OZQ, Mar 10, 2002.

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  1. N5OZQ

    N5OZQ Banned QRZ Page

    Since mid-January this individual has failed to make good on a deal agreed to verbally and in writing earlier that month. His last communication of February 22 stated:

    “I will be leaving to go to town in about an hour, and as promised, I will pick up another M.O. to cover the one missing in action. I will send it out today priority mail along with the glarescreen I have here for you.
    I will purchase delivery confirmation so that I can send you the confirmation number and you will be able to track it as it goes from me to you. Deepest apologies for all the trouble. Will e-mail the confirmation number this evening when I get online again.”

    Since then no word and no answers to followup inquiries. His previous tactics ranged from “forgetting” and “the XYL mailed it . . .” to just short of “the dog ate it”. Anyone contemplating dealing with him may want to take this sort of behavior into consideration.
  2. KB2VYZ

    KB2VYZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Having dealt with Jimmy on several occasions I find that he is GREAT to do business with we have swapped many items in the past.  I don't see where the problem is here, if no money or gear exchanged hands what is wrong, if I posted about everyone that said the were gonna buy from me I could easily fill a few pages.  If he didn't send you the money, repost the item, I do as I'm sure most people do as well.  I could understand if you sent him the gear and he didn't pay he would deserve to get a bad posting , but if you didn't receive money because someone said the were gonna buy something and no gear exchanged hands, whats the problem.  Maybe he really wanted it and didn't have the finances or perhaps something came up that set him back and he was hoping to have the money with the next paycheck {I am on disability, so when something unexpected comes up I need to reshuffle my bills and priorities}.  I wish you well on the sale of your item and I hope this post isn't to strong, but knowing Jimmy and the situation he's in anything could have happened.

    73 de Frank/KB2VYZ
  3. N5OZQ

    N5OZQ Banned QRZ Page

    The situation here is that there was a trade made, and James failed to make good on part of the gear and funds that he promised as his part of the deal. Numerous e-mails were exchanged, and he acknowledged being 'in arrears', as it were, regarding his part of the commitment. Furthermore, his last note to me, as posted, amounts to another lie, as he has yet to respond to the inital post, let alone several e-mails.
    You may think what you wish relative to your own dealings with this person. Quite obviously I also have a viewpoint that is in perspective to my dealings with him.
    Tom, N5OZQ
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