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Discussion in 'Swapmeet Talk' started by K1DQZ, May 20, 2019.

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  1. K1DQZ

    K1DQZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    A seller posted a Tokyo HY-POWER amp @ 9:40
    Seller post SOLD @ 11:34
    I post, "I'II TAKE IT" @ 11:35 and I swear the SOLD post wasn't there

    I get an email from someone that must have seen the post @ 04:06 this morning and says, I have that exact amp in perfect working condition asking $560__$40 under the posted item.
    His email is a license amateur in the same state
  2. WR2E

    WR2E Ham Member QRZ Page

    NO! that is typical m.o. of the SCAMMERS!

    I'm not saying it is absolutely a SCAM, but there is a 99.99% chance that it IS.

    Tell us the 'callsign' of the ham offering, and the email address that he used.

    Does it match the email address on that ham's QRZ page?
  3. WB0MPB

    WB0MPB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I agree with @WR2E. This person is scamming you. If you continued talking to him he would soon be telling you to "please send the payment via Paypal, Friends and Family. If you do that it is just free money for him and nothing for you.

    John, WB0MPB
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  4. WR2E

    WR2E Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just quoting so you get alert that there are responses...
  5. AJ4GQ

    AJ4GQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Your "I'LL TAKE IT" response and the SOLD crossed in the vast internet. Not a problem. However, your post is a problem on QRZ. Read the posting Rules and you'll see.
  6. N1VAU

    N1VAU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    FYI -- Actually, the way I understand QRZ rules I believe your "I'll Take It" isn't proper in the first place, because it's commentary and not a question to the seller about the item being sold.

    5.0 - Buyer / Shopper Policies
    No Discussions - The swapmeet is not to be used for free form discussion on any topic. Moderators will delete certain types of buyer/shopper responses as needed. In particular:
    1. Price Police - under no circumstance may any user post a comment on a listing's price. A seller has complete freedom to charge whatever price he likes, and to accept the consequences of getting it wrong.
    2. General Commentary - this is not a discussion group. All buyer/shopper commentary must be directed to the seller, and must be a question about the item being offered.
  7. KD9CKB

    KD9CKB Ham Member QRZ Page

    you must be talking about the amp I sold,, I had it listed on QTH also and a guy bought and paid for it legit that morning and I got on here as soon as I could to post it sold, and it just happened to be 1 minute before you posted that you would take it,.. nothing fishy going on my end here,, but whoever sent you a message about having the same amp for sale is trying to scam you.


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